Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hey Guys
Weeeeeho, another Electric Vehicle I was able to test drive! This time the "different than the other ones"-looking Renault twizy. Continue reading for my review of the probably less powered Car I've ever driven...
As mentioned before 18 PS/ 13 kW are almost nothing. But I think the twizy can proof that you can even have fun with so less horses!

My test drive began on Saturday at 9am when I went to the Renault Dealer "Hafengarage" in Friedrichshafen.

Through The Car Addict's Facebook Page I've already asked you some days before for Questions you have or the things I should test. As I only had less than 45 minutes I for sure wasn't able to test EVERYTHING, but I found an answer for every of your Questions :) (see them here tomorrow!)

I then got the Key and the adventure could begin!
As I already drove some E.V.'s before (like the smart ED, iOn, mia e-scooter etc.) I knew what was awaiting me: put your foot on the brake, start the ignition and wait till either a symbol turns green or a 'beep' appears.
Same story with the twizy, the green "GO" signaled that the 13kW Electric Engine was ready to rumble.

I started driving slowly, every Car is different, and it accelerated not that much as I'm normally used to, but I was driving. And I don't know exactly why, but I was smiling all over my face. I can't describe the feeling it was - driving such an extra terrific Car and the Way the people looked at me. I bet every Lambo or even Bugatti would have looked lame against me inside the twizy - whats rarer? ;)

My first stop was already after a few meters - taking a picture and uploading it for you (it was this one) and checking again my seating position and so on to make it ready for my little journey.

Then I tried to test as much as possible, just like I normally would do it. So I drove on streets with a speed limit of 50, 70 and 100. As the maximum speed, I reached by myself, was at 85 km/h (50 mph) those 100 km/h street could have been a problem for me and the twizy, but thankfully there weren't so much people around and I wasn't a traffic obstruction!

(... under construction ...)

THE Answers about the Renault Twizy



  1. Great picture ;)
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  2. Wow this car is so cute :D
    great blog, I like the idea very much. I really like cars and motorbikes :)
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  3. so cute!
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  4. cute!!!

  5. Oh maaaaan it's so ugly haha... :) But I suppose it's a good city car!


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