Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Testing YOU with a Fake F12 Berlinetta

Hey Guys
What a funny Day today, don't you think so, too?

Since a while now I was pretty interested in what you really read when I'm posting something on Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. So I tested it this morning.

I took some crappy Pictures of a Ferrari FF I spotted outside the Palexpo in Geneva while the second Press Day (If I wouldn't be a real Car Addict I wouldn't have been there, just btw.) and first posted a Teaser Picture on my Facebook Page to let you Guess what Car it is. I declined "noo, its not a FF ... something newer ..." until someone said that it is the F12 Berlinetta. So I commented and said that he was right.

But the Facebook thing wasn't enough for me, so I created the Video, gave it the name "FIRST FERRARI F12 on a public road March 2012 - full HD" and voila. I then posted the Link mainly on Carspotting related Places on Facebook and waited.

Thanks to GTspirit (they posted the Video Link on their Facebook Page) the whole thing got a little bit more pushed.

And, do you really think that I wouldn't delete this Video when I (would have) realized that it has a wrong description? ;)

Some of you might think now that I do not know anything about Cars (I know more Guys who don't know anything about Cars than Girls that do at least a bit... Those Guys FAIL!!) and that the whole Video was a complete Faaaail. But I don't think so.

Anyway, I think the Test succeeded.

Now I know that Pictures count more than words and that Carspotter have the best Car knowledge (How could it be any different??)

I will also use the result of this test for my marketing class, so thanks everyone for your "real reactions"! ;)


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  1. awesome car!

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