Monday, April 30, 2012

THE Answers about the RENAULT TWIZY

Hey Guys
Sorry that it took so long, but all the "Twizy Experts" at Renault are very very rare in these Days, so now, finally, all the answers to your questions you had about the new Renault Twizy.

  • Maximum reverse? Limited to 10km / h

  • And is there a Possibility to play music from my mobile player? With the Bluetooth FSE "Parrot Mki 9100" (Optional) is also the connection of an MP3 Players, iPods, etc. possible via Bluetooth

  • Taxation? state subsidies and Renault - Renault has the Twizy considering you can pay more Volume vs. Research & evelopment? Parking fees? Insurance (cost, Classification)? Crash test?
    As a Quad, 22 EUR road tax /Year. AXA Insurance (german!): Twizy 45 (SF1, TK deductible 150) => 109 EUR (KH), 196 EUR (TK) Twizy 80 (SF1, deductible TK 150 / CV 300) => 124 EUR (KH), 249 EUR (TK), 557 EUR (CV) Crash Test: Twizy is officially called Quad not crashed by NCAP, but was As part of its development in many crashed after NCAP guidelines, a maximum level of passive safety ensure (sturdy passenger)

  • Support for loading system to Home (financially and organizationally)? The Renault partner supports you! Starting from the product range Loading solutions on the review of Electrical installation at the customer up to Installation of the charging solution in front of the site.

  • Batteries are no more harmful than CO2 Emissions? No, because Renault not only old, but even damaged ones immediately the proper recycling supplies. The recycling begins with the dismantling of Batteries in their individual modules, each consisting of several individual cells.The individual cells are re-used or by classical Recycling company recycling. For this is a pyrometallurgical process for Treatment of the modules and cells and for Recovery of the metals used.

  • How does one do to be in the winter warm without door? To dress "appropriately" to the weather, as in a motor scooter, with the advantage that the Twizy a better wind and rain protection has.

  • date and price availability ... tariff batteries. See your Countries Price List for the exact price. Order since February 2012. at the 21.04. officially introduced in Germany.

  • Price, etc. abroad. Is he Twizy also planned in America, Asia? For now, no marketing in Twizy America and Asia planned because not Twizy to the local climatic conditions (such asMonsoon rainfall adjusted)

  • When will be the first directly delivered to the costumers? In May / June 2012

  • Can you turn down the driver's seat, or have I overlooked that? Yes, the driver's seat can not folded over, but only in Longitudinal direction can be adjusted.

  • Are Twizy's already a "promotional cars" planned, or for police or something similar? There are indeed some potential, which fits very well into the Twizy concept. Only we can call this unfortunately not (yet).

  • By the Way, did you know that RENAULT is currently in the german Autoblogger Spotlight? Read more here!


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