Sunday, June 10, 2012

Car of the Week: Chevy Nova '68

Hey Guys
Today a new Car of the Week, the Chevy Nova! I will focus on the third Generation, the same one like my blue model car.

Up from 1962, the Production already started in 1961, the Chevrolet Nova was the top model of the Chevy II lineup up till 1968. It's Successor is the Chevrolet Citation.

As with the up till now fastest development time of a new car in GM's history, it took just 18 months from the "Yes" to the moment when the first models rolled off the fleet in Willow Run, Michigan, it shouldn't bring much surprises, it was a simple and back-to-the-basics Car, perfectly fitting in the Compact Car Class.

Then, the first of five generations went into production in 1961 in different available body styles, like 2- and 4-door and sedan, convertible and station wagon models. Of the Nova 400 were 23,741 units produced within 1962 - available to buy for at this time $2,475.

The Second Generation followed in 1966 and ended already in 1967. It was hardly reshaped, had a blod grille and a semi-fastback roofline. In total there were 106,500 models sold. 10,100 Nova SS of which 8,200 had a V8 engine.

In 1968 the third generation followed with a restyled exterior and a longer wheelbase than the second generation. With this model Chevrolet decided to drop the "Chevy II" of its name and it was simply called Nova up from then. In 1970 a Coupe followed, in 1969 a 4-Door Sedan or a SS version in 1968.

The production of the fourth generation started with the model year 1975 and ended in 1979 and was assembled in Van Nuys California, Tarrytown New York, Willow Run Michigan in the US and in Oshawa Ontario and Sainte-Thérèse in Canada. Once a brochure of the Nova said "Now it's beautiful", to the most-changed Chevy.

The fifth and latest generation of the Nova was produced until 1988. It was available with just two 1.6L engines (90 /112 hp) and three different transmissions (5-speed manual, 3-speed automativ, 4-speed automatic).


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