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Driving the E300 BlueTec Hybrid

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Finally!! When I now hear the word "Hybrid" the un-elegant picture of a Toyota Prius is f-i-n-a-l-l-y banned from my brain. Instead there is now a Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTEC Hybrid driving in front of my eyes. Virtually. But the view from inside and while driving are also moments I wont forget soon!
To read how the "Sailing" and the Eco mode with such a Car felt, keep on reading! ;-)

beautiful line-up of the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid's
Friday, March 30th, at Midday: Some Journalists and Blogger met at "Daimler City" in Stuttgart Moehringen, for a first briefing.

Outside there were our Cars waiting - 15 E300 for 15 Teams. My team consisted of Jens ( and me; we've chosen a silver estate for our 200 km trip down to the Lake of Constance. I got the Key and we started to our first destination - Balingen.

(Click on the Pictures to enlarge them!)

Our Roadbook! It was showing us our Route (sure we were using the integrated Navigation system!) but it also helped us "Sailing".

But before, the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID is like all the other W212. Including the 7G-Tronic Plus transmission, a maximum speed of 242 km/h and the 204 HP R4 Diesel engine PLUS a 27 HP E-Engine.

This E-Engine is either for an additional "Boost" when you're accelerating hard, when you start driving/ drive slow or when you're Sailing. And when youre driving "normal" with the Diesel engine the Battery gets recharged.

Sailing? Yes, you read right, Sailing!
For example, you're on the Autobahn or a similar Road and you're driving with a constant speed. Do you really need to have your foot on the gas pedal all the time, and accelerate? Not necessarily. When you're now taking your foot of the gas pedal the E-Engine starts and keeps you at a constant speed. So, no working engine, no fuel consumption and you're still driving. Ah, no, Sailing.
That is possible up to a speed of 160 km/h.

Whats really nice and kind of a Toy is when you're "playing" with the gas pedal and the needles are going up and down, here and there :-)

In Balingen "Sailing-Experts" were waiting for us to explain us how it works.

Everytime there was a nice Location on our Route we stopped ...

A badge at the center console shows "HYBRID", beside the letters at the trunk, shows that this one is a Hybrid model. No more visible changes!

Taking a picture in "Tuningen" - Capital of Tuned Cars? Who knows..

We also stopped for an Outside Check, taking some pictures, testing the seats in the back, taking some pictures. As usual.
When I sat in the back, with the same seating position of the seat in the front when I was sitting there, I had enough space (I'm 1,70m) for my legs and my head. The seat back was a bit harder than the one in the front, but as it was a new Car the filling will get softer with the time. The Seats were also fold-able, to maximize the trunks volume of already almost 700 Liter to 1950. But as mentioned before, all the W212 are like this.

What was a new gadget for me was the Rear View Camera. Everytime you go in the Reverse Mode the Command Display shows what happens in the back and behind the Car.

We went closer and closer to the Lake.

And stopped again for a Photoshoot...

We even went to Switzerland!

We then, finally, arrived at our hotel in Constance. As we were perfectly on time I then went to my room, sat in a T-Shirt on the balcony, edited some first Pictures, already uploaded a few and changed my clothes for the evening program.

Part of the Evening Program, "Real Life Efficiency"!


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