Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FOX NEWS Interiewed Lizzy Musi after her drag race accident

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One of the most horrific moments in Live is when you worked on something almost your whole life and then, from one second to another, the bubble of your dream bursts. But the most Important thing is to stand up and continue doing what you want!

Thats what happened to the 21 year old Lizzy Musi the past weekend while a Drag Race at the Bristol Dragway in the U.S.. Video and Interview below!

The Interview really shows that Lizzy is already very mature and definitely it shows that she had so so so much luck. Exactly like the Cameraman who jumped on the track in the last second.

part of the Interview:

On what she did when the car came to a stop:

“It was a pretty shocking thing when the car came to a stop. I mean I was just kind of bummed out because I really wanted to continue racing again and it kind of just put a pause to me and driving I just want to continue racing. You know I just got out of the car quick and I’m glad actually the camera guy came running over to me and the first thing he said ‘are you ok dude?’”

On her reaction when she saw how close she came to the camera:

“That was pretty crazy.”

On what her dad said to her when she got out of the car:

“He said ‘I’m glad you’re ok’ and he gave me a hug.”

On her goals for the future:

“Continue racing. I mean I’ve been around it for so long, I work at the shop 24/7, I told my dad you know I’ll do anything to race a car like him someday.”

Source of everything: FOX News Channel

All the best for the future to you, Lizzy!


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  1. It definitely is important to pick yourself up and carry on. Everything makes us stronger and she's definitely inspirational!I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too :) :)



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