Monday, April 30, 2012

German Autoblogger Spotlight: Renault

Hey Guys
Up from now the german Autoblogger (Blogger Auto Award) will announce one automotive manufacturer on a monthly basis to honor them. This time, for the first Time: Renault!

But for what are we honoring them? It's pretty easy, because they are one of the first manufacturers with a full range of Electric Vehicles (E.V.'s) but still not ignore their conventionally powered models. Can you remember the Test Drive I had with the Renault Twizy?

As you can see on the old Renault Estafette above (spotted together with Jens), Renault is producing nice Cars not just since yesterday ;-)

If not, here's the Video:

Of course the other german Autobloggers have also written a few or more words about the in our Aprils Bloglight Manufacturer RENAULT:

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  • Rendezvous mit dem Kangoo Z.E.

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