Thursday, April 26, 2012

Place to Visit: Boxenstop in Tuebingen

Hey Guys
A very nice MUST-"Place to Visit" is definitely the "Boxenstop Auto- und Spielzeugmuseum Tuebingen" near Stuttgart in Germany. The last and only time I've visited it was in 2007 and I really really have to go back soon!

The Boxenstop is a museum not only for Cars and Motorbikes, you can also find nearly eeeverything antique there. (Toy) Planes next to Dolls next to Cars next to small Cars next to Wine, next to old Jukeboxes and I could continue writing till tomorrow ... so If you have an heart for nice and classic things, go and breath the very unique atmosphere by your own!

Where is it?
Boxenstop - Auto- und Spielzeugmuseum
72074 Tübingen
(you can't miss the Building when you're in the street!)


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