Sunday, May 27, 2012

TEST DRIVE: Chevrolet Captiva 2012

Hey Guys
On Thursday I had the great chance to drive the Chevrolet Captiva around Munich with the other Bloggers Jan and Jens. How a "small girl" (quote of a comment by Cartman22100) can survive in a Big City with lots of traffic in the late afternoon in the spacious Captiva ... continue reading to find it out! ;-)

Measures of 4,67 m length, 1,75 m height and 1,86 m wide are more than evil numbers for feared Drivers. You can find such People all over, in every City. These are mostly driving colored Cars (preferably in yellow or a neon-green) and never, really never get to drive almost nearly the allowed maximum speed limit. Those kind of people (your brain is serving you some memories of such experiences right now, yes?) are afraid. Of Cars, of Traffic. Maybe of themselves. They don't just drive small Cars because they can't afford a bigger one, they are infuriated of People in "their Big Cars" because they are just not able to park properly and are jealous of them. That's it!

I'm not one of those People, so I had really fun driving the Captiva around Munich. Evening rush hour? Who cares ... Me and my Car, we are one team. A Bow-Tie-Team!
When "we" were driving around the "Olympiapark", on the search for a nice Place to park and take some photos, I often had to turn around. (Streets that surprisingly ended,  As the seating position is higher you definitely have a better view around you and thanks to the integrated Rear Camera you better saw the pillars behind you on the 7" Touchscreen-Display (the Ampera/Volt has also a 7" Display) :-)
I'm a parking-champion...

The model I drove was a 2,2 l diesel. With this engine the Captiva is available with 163 or 184 HP. But there is also a 2,4l and a 3,0l V6 petrol engine available. As the driver you can carry up to 6 more people with you. Half of a Soccer team!
Or you can use the trunks space of 769 to 1577 liter.
Or why not climbing a Hill with the integrated electric parking brake, along with Hill Start Assist technology? All possible!

With the Online-Configurator (just go to your countries Chevrolet Website and then to "Captiva", there I bet you'll find this Configurator) I created a Captiva according to my wishes and needs - with some Chrome goodies and a trailer hitch - and came to a price of 26,200 Euro what would be something around $ 32,000.

And, to be really honest, for such a price some "plastic" interior is not a fault. When you pay the double you're allowed to get angry, but seriously, for such a price you can't find much comparable Cars to the Chevy Captiva.

I bet you will also find some Reviews of the Captiva soon on

Jan and Jens had lots of fun with the Captiva ...

the Chevrolet Cruze at Geiger Cars in Munich


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