Thursday, May 24, 2012


Meinfernbus Promotion in Friedrichshafen

Hey Guys
When its about envorinmental friendly travelling most of us know that taking a bus/coach or the train are on top of the list. But for most routes there are no Coaches available and buses aren't everyones favourite.
But whats's not pretty new and easy is, a german company which is focused on bringing people easily and fast from A to B or C., the green bus above, has only three Destinations and they are driving from A to B to C up to 4 times daily. Freiburg - Friedrichshafen - Munich.

Up from June 1st there is a new Destination in the black forest, its Titisee!

The order of the Tickets is very easy because you can do it either with your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer etc. via their Homepage and you pay with PayPal, your Credit card etc.

If you have any Questions about this Bus System, the Ride or if there was a Problem while the Check-out you can contact them via twitter or Facebook and the Problems/Questions will be solved/answered soon. Great service Guys!
Otherwise you can contact them via Phone or E-Mail.

I can really recommend this kind of travel, I tried it not only once, it's comfortable, your're not stopping in other Cities and are as fast as a normal Car would be, but are doing something for our environment! ;-)

If you're now interested, you can start booking your tickets here.



  1. Hey there,
    Do you need to print out the tickets or just show it on your smartphone? Thanks! :)

    1. Hey

      You just need to know your name, that's all! ;-)

  2. thanks for the info..was planning to book one,but wasn't i am..


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