Saturday, June 2, 2012

Driving the new Audi A3 #a3mallorca

the new 2012 AUDI A3, Misanorot

Hey Guys
As you already may noticed here or maybe here, I was able to test drive the new Audi A3, thanks to Audi Germany.
Driving the Car through the Serpentines right on the coast of Mallorca - nice contrast to the 2. Generation Audi A3 I had to learn driving in driving school about two years back!

more here: TEST DRIVE: AUDI A3 2012

I just scheduled some Pictures, taken while our first Day here, to give you some first Impressions of how the new Audi A3 looks. How it feels will you soon get to know, as soon as I finished my driving report!

Do you want to know anything especially about the new Audi A3? Let me know and I'll scout for answers ;-)

the AUDI A3's interior

Landscape all over

AUDI A3, Misanorot

full LED headlight of the A3

driving serpentine's with the A3

Audi's s-tronic

A3 TFSI Quattro badge

the 2012 is 80kg lighter than the 2003 one!

the first and third generation of the AUDI A3, spotted in Palma


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