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On Friday there came so many memories back for me when I drove the new 2012's AUDI A3, thanks to Audi Germany.
More than two years ago, when I had the first drive with my driving school's A3 8P I was definitely more frightened and excited, but the now new 8V wasn't that bad either ... my Driver/Co-Driver Jan ( and I have done most of our kilometers with  the 1.8 TFSI quattro with the equipment package "Ambition" around inviting roads next to the curvy coast of Mallorca in Spain.

Whats already online:

What will go online soon:
AUDI A3 - the Facts and Data
AUDI A3 - the Tech inside

Straight after the landing we got the Keys to start driving experience what Audi built. The first I noticed was the 3-spoke leather multifunctional sport steering wheel with shift paddles. Before I drove my first A3 I always thought that shift paddles are more than ridiculous and a good gear knob in your hand is THE real thing. In the meanwhile I was disabused, there is nothing nicer than driving with the 6-speed s-tronic, shifting down manually with your small finger, brake, take the curve and accelerate again. I was feeling like a little Mike Rockenfeller or, no, like Rahel Frey, that would suit me better. But of course just like a little one!

The other thing I liked, after starting the engine, keyless, was the new MMI navigation system called "MMI navigation plus with MMI touch". A more detailed report about this will follow the next Days, but  I will add a link to the Post here, as soon as its online, so check this Post out for the "Tech-Post"!

While the about 115 km we were able to drive, mostly on curvy coast roads, our average fuel consumption was a bit higher than the official 6,5 l per 100 km, however, the whole time Jan and I we were accelerating and braking and drifting, that's not the economic way to save fuel or even have the possibility use the start-stop automatic.

What we used was the "Audi phone box" (more about this in my "Tech-Post"!), the automatic air condition, or the Bang&Olufsen Sound System - and how we used it!
Our Misanored-model also had were 18" 5-arm "Rotor" wheels, in my eyes the nicest, tinted windows and a leather and chrome package.
If I were a real and total from toe to had girly-girl and brought 5 Suit-Cases plus hand luggage with me we would have been able to test the load-through hatch, as I'm not we haven't even used the loading space expansion (anyway not possible with the Quattro - the drive-train also needs some space...).

In the end the now 80 kilogramm lighter (in comparision to the previous 2003's model) 8V could definitely beat my "old" silver 8P Audi A3. On the other hand Audi stayed at the concept of the A3 and the exterior is just a bit redesigned with a lot new features that previously were reserved for real upper class vehicles like the A7. Audi knows perfectly what the advantages of their compact model are and so the A3 stays true to his Genes.

If you're interested in buying a 8V you can configurate your "Dream-A3" already online. Just go to your Countries AUDI Website and then to A3, you will find the Configurator there!

With me those Bloggers also went to drive the new AUDI A3 8V:

Note to myself: What I really need to do, for the next time, is to buy an old 32 or 64mb SD-Card for my Camera, so I will really shoot a few Pictures and not thousands. I'm always so bad at picking "the best shots" to post them here. Otherwise you have a fuller Gallery on my Facebook Page. click for it - here!


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