Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#bloglight July 2012 - Mercedes-Benz

Hey Guys
*drumm rolls* ... congratulations Mercedes-Benz, you are the deserved winner of this months german Autoblogger "Bloglight". We choose one manufacturer every month, you find here more Informations about the Blogger Auto Award

In my eyes the Guys at Daimler did a huge step into the Brands new social and digital live with their new platform SOCIAL PUBLISH. It's a revolutionary and path breaking way of a Car Manufacturer to collect all the important and necessary news, sort them manually by hand and put them on the clear and easy to handle website.
Social Publish will be up from now my Number 1 source for News all about the Mercedes Brand. Either if I'm searching especially for Videos (or Pictures/...) or want to read all the latest articles about the lovely new A-Class, I will find everything I'm searching for and much more.

And again, congratulations for taking this step, Mercedes-Benz, you've did some awesome work to realize this Project and keep on thinking the Way you do, you'll go your way. And we all know you'll do it perfectly, as always! :)

Also have a Look at what the other Blogger wrote, it's definitely a click worth!

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Now at the end, what do YOU think, which Manufacturer should be in the August Bloglight?


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  1. I love this car in White!



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