Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hey Guys
And, what about you? Do you have celebrated the first international KISS THE ENGINE DAY well?
You haven't knew that this Day is/was today, on July 12th? Then you're not following me on twitter ... ;-)

Here now some first Pictures that were send me of YOU kissing your Cars engine. What a "momentous day!", like @Driven_Data said on Twitter.

#kisstheengineday even was Twitter Trend* for some hours on July 11th, so one day before ... WOW!!

(*the "Twitter Trend" says what the main topics, that the people all over are talking about on Twitter, are)

Now your Pictures that were sent to me via (if you still havent sent me your Picture and I will add it here ...) or were tagged on twitter with #kisstheengineday.

The Renault getting kissed by Fabian!

Another engine getting kissed by

Brusa looooves their Hybrid synchronous electric motors and the twin gear that has a capacity of 380 kW and 5500 Nm!

@evanshalshawuk knows whats gooood!!

Lovely Lauren also knows whats good!

And again @evanshalshawuk. They're so into Cars!! Very nice!

Awesome shot by! They're right, we also love coach engines, not only small car ones ;-)

Juniortestdriver loves the Ampera!

DesertOasisEuro loves his Audi engine.

BendPaks Ranger's Quality Control Supervisor showing his wankel some love.

Passiondriving already loves the Nissan Juke. I bet he'll have lots of fun testing it the next two weeks!

Kia loves their Cars too, here's the proof by Marco ! ;)


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