Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Alan Mullaly kissing Fords new 1,0-Liter-EcoBoost-Motor
Hey Guys

Tomorrow it is, for the very very first time, the International KISS THE ENGINE DAY!

"The international Kiss the Engine Day was created by Lisa theCarAddict to remind everyone to honor your Car (/Vehicle) and every other Car on this Planet. They do so much for us every single day, so why not saying "thank you" with a little kiss? Date every year: July 12th!"

If you want to be a Part of the first

Kiss the engine Day

just take a Picture of yourself kissing your Cars engine and send it to and your Photo will be Part of the official Gallery!

(Got a Blog, Website, Fb Fan Page, flickr or YouTube Account? Post this Link in the E-Mail and I'll link back to you!!)

Have fun taking the Pictures! ;-)

the official #KisstheengineDay Gallery

Photo above by the Ford Motor Company


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