Saturday, July 14, 2012

MERCEDES-BENZ A 250 SPORT Driving + Sound

Hey Guys
What do the letters A M G stand for, for you?
Power, Performance, customized Bodywork, FUN, ...
And now, put all that in a Compact Car and you have "THE perfect Car" or better known as the Mercedes-Benz W 176 A 250 SPORT.

But this A 250 Sport is not the final edition, a reaaaal AMG Version of the new A-Class, will follow in 2013, the A45 AMG. When we just think about the former Baby-Benz E 190 and the changes that were made to turn it into the E 190 EVO we can await a great, loud, low and fast Thing!

While the Press Event last week I had the chance to drive a 250 Sport, besides a 200 and a 220 CDI A-Class, on the Airport Track of Portoroz in Slovenia. (Driving this Track only with one hand while the other one is used for filming - not recommended. DO NOT TRY THiS AT HOME!)

But back to the A 250 Sport. What are the differences to a regular A-Class and what will be the Price for it?
First of all you will hear a A 250 Sport out of 100 A-Classes just within 1 second. AMG created a deep and dirty sound (watch the Video above for it, you'll LOVE it!). Nevertheless Mercedes did some exterior changes, like red brake calipers, red accents on the both headlights and the bumpers in the front and in the back.

Like you can find a, for example, "6.3" sign on a C 63 AMG you can find a "Sport" Badge on each side. Now also a improved ESP and a better aligned 7G-DCT transmission thrown in the "Baby Benz 2.0"-machine and voilá, the A 250 Sport is finished!

What I personally really like is that the protruding diamond grille with the single blade in it that has made it out of the study (as already seen in Geneva) to real life. As the current only automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is using such a front grille design.

But now the big question, what will be the Price for all this? The Basis Model is available for 36.860,25 € (something about 45,000 $). The Question if you need some extras is up to you, but these and some more features and Gadgets are already standard for the A 250 Sport: (interior) sport seats in the front and lever in nappa leather with red stitchings, a multifunction 3-spoke sports steering wheel in nappa leather that is flattened at the bottom, some trims in carbon design, air vents with accent ring in red, sports pedals in brushed stainless steel with rubber studs, floor mats with "Sport" logo, (exterior) AMG bodystyling, red accents on the front and back bumpers, drilled 18 "AMG alloy wheels, twin exhaust system with oval tailpipes plates in polished stainless steel, lowered sport suspension engineered by AMG, front brake discs, sportier engine and accelerator tuning, sportier engine sound (yes * _ *) and some more things.

(This doesn't sound like a small Mercedes for older people, right??)

Of course you can still configure everything after your needs and likes. Up from now the A-Classes are at the Mercedes-Benz Configurator available to order. Just go to your countrys MB Website, search for the A-Class and then start the Application.

A more detailed report about the A-Class in general will follow the next Days!
Enjoy some first Photos till then and have a nice Weekend!


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  1. I am really curious to know what will be the A250 Sport price here in Australia.
    Audi S3 All wheel drive is about A$60.000 and has a staggering 200 KW.
    A250 Sport had 155 KW and is front wheel drive.
    It is more like Golf GTi.


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