Monday, July 16, 2012

OPEL ADAM: just unique

Hey Guys

You can see it the way you want, and you can think about it the way you want. But one thing is pretty clear - the new Opel Adam is unique.
Or maybe not, it looks to me like an Asian Audi A1 (if you know what I mean ...), or what do you think?

But what I like, according to the Video, is the Video Screen in the middle console.
A bit just like at "West Coast Customs" in the good old Days.
Dear Opel, now its your turn!
Create a Part II of this Video, let it start where this one ends and then Xzibit jumps in the Video, like in the good old Days, the rims start to rotate, like if something magical happened and for sure he already has a Playstation controller in the back pocket of his jeans and then he'll demonstrate us how to play NFS on this Video Screen there ...

Want to know more about the Adam? No Problem, just go to my Adam at the Paris Motor Show-Post


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