Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spotted: Renault Dauphine

Hey Guys
As I already posted on Facebook, I will spend the whole Weekend with nice Classic Cars. Here now one of my "first" sightings, two different-blue-shaded Renault Dauphine.

A few years ago there was a Dauphine for sale at a Car Dealer (remembering the "automotive graveyard"?) in my town. For just a few euros ... but with my 16 years, at that time, I was far away from my driving license and on the other hand the little blue Dauphine wasn't looking much different than the Cars in the Post above. Bye bye Dreams of driving and owning a little Dauphine :(



  1. No me llaman nada los parezco poco a mi marido, pero estas joyas antiguas son una maravilla. Tengo una Vespa de 35 años que uso a diario

  2. super ♥


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