Monday, August 20, 2012

Who wants to go to the PARIS MOTOR SHOW with me?

Hey Guys

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At the first public Day of the Paris Motor Show I will stroll around the Paris Motor Show this year, with Fabian of and we will do a Roadtrip with a Jaguar XF.
Who of you wants to join me, just like at the Geneva Motor Show (see Picture on the right)?

Please Comment YES down HERE and you're in!

Want to have some Impressions of Paris? What about the Exotic Cars at the Place Vendome?

For the TWITTER People, include a simple #YESthecaraddict Hasthag in a tweet and you're in, too!

DEADLINE this time: September 22th!!!

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  1. Hi! It's very interesting your blog about cars.
    A different passion. I like it!

  2. you've a really fantastic blog dear <3 It's really lovely <3 I've also a blog and If do you want we can follow each other :) ((let me know)) :D

  3. Yes!

    Would like to go, haven't been there ever in my life. Want to try something new ;)


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