Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm off ... learning to drive at #MBdrivingevents

Hey Guys

Yes, I'm off for the next hours - Driving. But I (guess) I won't just drive circles for hours until the tank is empty, now, I will learn how to drive (better) and improve my driving skills. This is also important for my own safety and the safety of others.

I won't take my Camera with me, but the GoPro will hopefully film some nice Scenes and Sounds with the AMGs :)

As you're reading this I'll be still on my way to Groß Dölln, near Berlin. This is a former military Airport and means lots of Space for lots of Fun with lots of nice Cars. Anything to add?

With 4 other Bloggers (,, and we will practice the "Basic Training" the whole Saturday.

"Traffic situations in which you have to make the right decision within a split second
are a frequent occurrence. At moments like these, driving skill, practice and
experience can often make all the difference. During the one-day Basic Training, the
instructors show you how to deal with hazardous situations confidently and safely
with the help of the active control systems. A number of demanding exercises –
including evasive manoeuvres without braking at 80 km/h, emergency braking and
correcting a skid – simulate critical situations so that you can learn how to counteract
them without damaging yourself or the car. You’ll also get a chance to drive
many of the cars from our range, including the more highly-powered models. So you
certainly won’t miss out when it comes to driving enjoyment!"


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