Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two Guys and a half Car - Chromjuwelen Électrique Film

Hey Guys

In case you know Chromjuwelen aka Ralf and Chris already you know that they're total petrolheads.
Last year they did their "Continental Extreme". A Roadtrip with a red '64 Imperial Crown in Nevada and Vegas for Sema 2011 and then, not only as a cultural but also automotive contrast the Dubai Motor Show 2011. In the end they created an outstanding 70 minutes Blockbuster out of their experiences.

This time the same crew but another Continent, another Feelings to grasp and notably another Power - electric Power!
Two Guys and a half Car. No, I'm just kidding of course! the smart eD is for 100% a real Car.

"We wanted to know if electric cars are actually as sober, pale and anemic, as it suggests that most of the products it can. In this respect, such a self-experiment to expand our cultural horizons motor was inevitable."

In the following 30 minutes Video you can now discorver what they've seen, felt and expired this time.

Photo by: chromjuwelen.de


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