Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ford GOes FURTHER by producing Cars for all mankind

Hey Guys
The Ford Motor Company invited be to join their "Go Further" Event in Amsterdam on the 6th of September.
Ford wants to be loud and big all over the world with 15 global models till 2017. At the Event, Alan and the others, definitely gave a sneak of it and if the Marketing will be efficient they definitely can set their goals high, and achieve them.

At he beginning of 2012 the Ford Motor Company promissed with their new brand promisse "Go Further" to go new paths and now they want to realize them and make the people know about their "A Car for all mankind"-Attitude.

Stephen T. Odell, Ford group vice president and chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe, underlines Fords great possibilities in the EU by "investing in the future and making a loud and clear statement" by joining heir global resources and skils to keep the role as a global Player in all major vehicle segments.

As part of this an agressive product rollout in Europe will follow. The european global models will increase from 43 to 71% in the upcoming years, and by 2017 Ford wants to have 15 global available and distributed vehicles.

Ford wants to go back to their past by producing Cars for every woman and every man in this world.

"The Ford Motor Company views
its situation today less with pride in great achievement
than with the sincere and sober realization
of new and larger opportunities for service to mankind".

The best moment of the whole Event, meeting the one and only Ford CEO Alan Mulally - what a nice, sympathic and authentic Guy!!!

I hope I will enjoy reading the Book "American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Comapny", written by Bryce G. Hoffman and published in 2012 by Crown Business.
A Review of this Book will follow as soon as I finished the 432 Pages.


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