Monday, September 24, 2012

TM concept30 - a Sexy new Classic BMW by TMCars

What I really like are classic Cars. Their Design was and is soo different from today's Hyper-Ingenieur-cw-Designs. I mean nowadays it seems that a low drag coefficient is more important than a real stunning Design. You can have an another opinion about that, I really don't mind if you do ... thank god we can't discuss about Design!

But what's really cool is when someone has the great ability to create something new into a classic "oldschool" Masterpiece. Just like TMCars.

To celebrate and honor the 30th anniversary of the BMW E30 3-series the hungarian Company describes the concept30 by themselves, it "is the easiest way of having a modern looking classic".

Consisting out of 12 pieces to attach to any E30 coupe it sounds even better that you can either have a "street version" or "race version". Latter has e.g. a wider C-pillar, like the first-generation M3.

When you have a look at the front the most outstanding thing are the trapezoid LED lamps. Definitely! But no worry, they comply with European regulations.

But if TMCars will really produce the concept30 kit depends on customer reactions and demands.

What do you think of the concept30?


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