Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NEW Mercedes-Benz Nail Polish Set - Review

Mercedes-Benz Nail Polish Set
I can clearly remember this Day, the Day I decided to paint my Nails with Real Car Paint. I was about 15 or 16 years old and the only solution for me was to go to a, in Germany well known, Auto Repair Shop to buy some Paint. In the end I got a Can of Flip Flop Paint but I was still doubtful about spraying some real paint on my nails as Paint in general isn't that healthy. In the end I decided not to do it and this certain can still lays around somewhere and I will never never use it as Flip Flop Paint will never ever has a resurrection! :D

Anyway earlier this year an another Day came, the Day I decided to paint my Nails in real Car Colors. It's something different and absolutely more healthy now!

The awesome Guys at Mercedes-Benz must have heard my silent prayers and as part of the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class they brought some nice Accessories on the market (will talk about them in another Post). The moment I saw the nail polish in a little brochure I almost screamed cause of happiness! :)

The Car Color inspired Nail Polish is available in a box of three - south seas blue, monolith grey and jupiter red and you can find them in the official MB Shop HERE or just the red one in a single box, also at the Shop or just ask your local dealer.

I'm not a Fashion- or Beauty-Blogger and so I don't know what the texture of a perfect nail polish might be, but the three by "LCN", exclusively produced for Mercedes-Benz, totally satisfy me!

Mercedes-Benz Nail Polish in 'south seas blue'

Mercedes-Benz Nail Polish in 'monolith grey'

Mercedes-Benz Nail Polish in 'jupiter red'

A HUGE Thank You to the Girls & Boys at Daimler! :)


  1. Do it better!! look to the nails amateur

  2. perfect nails!


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  3. Love them all.


  4. adorable!



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