Saturday, October 6, 2012

Opel Adam at the PARIS MOTOR SHOW 2012

Opel Adam in "Chocolate Brown" at the Paris Motor Show 2012

"You have to be bright and shiny to attract attention!" was maybe a sentence one of the Opel Designer said to Adam when he was still unknown, young and small.
Now, after he was introduced at the Paris Motor Show 2012 he did what they told him - he's a real individualism king. There's almost nothing you cant have!

In July I already showed you the "Just unique Video", here some own Pictures shot at the Opel in Hall 5.2, stand 501.

As there is so much you can order to the base price of 11,500 Euro I'll just list all the available features and specifications here:

  • "Made in Germany" - built in Eisenach at the Opel Plant
  • available at the Dealers from Spring 2013
  • 3,70 m wide, 1,72 m long
  • just available as a 3-door model, suitable for 4 people
  • IntelliLink-Onboard-Infotainment-System allows the integration of Android and iOS Smartphones. In combination with the 7" Display you can browse your own Music from your Phone or even start Slideshows or watch Movies.
  • CITY-Mode for an easier driving in Cities and an automatic parking mode (the Adam parks itself and finds suitable parking lots)
  • 3 petrol engines will be available (1.2l with 51 kW/70 HP ; 1.4l with 64 kW/87 HP ; 1.4l 74 kW/100 HP) with a 5 speed manual transmission
  • maximum speed: 185 km/h with a fuel consumption of 5,0 l per 100 km and 118 grams CO2
  • Standard Wheel size: 15 - 18 inch
  • Just for the 18 inch ones: decorative clips in several colors
  • Design-/Color-Packages ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM, ADAM SLAM
  • You can choose if you either want the whole Car painted in 1 color or 2 colors - the Roof has an another color as the rest of the Car
  • Available colors for the accent roof: Midnight Black, Cream White, Okapi Brown

Buut, don't forget the Vauxhall Adam ;)

That's probably the way my Adam would look like:

Opel Mokka Test Drives at the Paris Motor Show 2012


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