Wednesday, October 3, 2012

With the Jaguar XF to Paris - Day 1

Jaguar XF in front of the sparkling Tour Eiffel - Copyright: SETE - illuminations Pierre Bideau
Hey Guys

The moment you arrive at the Eiffel Tower, after a felt hundred of hours driving, and it begins to sparkle, the midnight sparkle, is definitely a priceless one!
As Audrey Hepburn already knew in 1964, "Paris is always a good idea", Fabian of and I decided to go to the annual Paris Motor Show, as it's always a good idea to go to a Motor Shows as well. And as we wanted to road trip to Paris we needed a comfortable and Chic Car. So there it was, the Jaguar XF.

The real Day 1 of the #kittybloggerparis-Roadtrip started at 1 pm in Munich (I had to stay in school until then, otherwise I would have started way earlier, of course!).
Earlier, in the morning hours, my both dorm-mates definitely had a nicer transfer to school than the usual way with the underground. "Whaat, whaaaat? With a Jaguar? A real Jaguar?" was the reaction when I asked them if I should take them with me. "I hope you don't mind me taking pictures of eeeeverything while you drive? It's so cool!" one said extremely happy when we were arriving at the parking lot where Kitty savely slept over night.

And so, after school, I walked over to my Jaguar, jumped in and drove away. What a surreal thing but yes, it's true. And yes, I was on my way to Paris, to the Paris Motor Show. But my first destination was Stuttgart to pick up Fabian. Actually the navigation planned to arrive there around 3pm but all the traffic destroyed my plan. And so I found myself on the german Autobahn, the A8, and yes, I had fun! Fun in a traffic jam? Okay, If I would have been driving another Car there wouldnt have been this kind of fun, but as it was late Friday afternoon a lot of business men were on the road and seeing their faces and expressions after they see that a young girl was driving - priceless!!

After the Jag arrived in Stuttgart Fabian took over the steering wheel and brought us safe to Paris. Due to my delay on the way to Stuttgart and some little jam in France we were a bit behind of our shedule but, once we arrived at the Eiffel Tower on our actual way to our Hotel, the millions and millions of lights began to sparkle and another day bagan. Yes, it was Midnight in Paris, and the Jaguar XF brought us safely and comfortable to our destination.

Enjoy the first Pictures!

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