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My Car that isn't mine ... testing Carsharing with ZebraMobil

Car on Demand - ZebraMobil Audi A1 - Test

Hey Guys
During this week I had the opportunity to test Carsharing, or better "Car on demand" by the Munich Company ZebraMobil. First of all I will answer the Questions of "What is Carsharing / Car on demand?", What are the costs, are there any risks and if its easy and some future prospects of ZebraMobil, which was founded in 2010 by Michael Ohr and Matthias Hoene.

Mainly I did this test as part of a comparision test, for my schools student magazine, of ZebraMobil and DriveNow. And for sure I report about it here on my Blog, too. Soon the DriveNow test will follow and then a third Blogspost where I compare both against each other and one lucky winner will be announced ;)

With me also Sebastian aka did this Test.

Me and MY Audi A1 by ZebraMobil
After I registered myself and searched on my Smartphone for a free Car, I was really excited "Uuuhhh, where's my Car, where's MY Car?" while my Maps App navigated me to MY CAR - an Audi A1 with an automatic transmission and s-line package. Can I ask for more? I don't think so!
I then unlocked the Car with my member-card, sat in and inside the Glove compartment a keyboard was waiting for me, there I typed my PIN to verify me and the green light bagan to light - the Car was ready for me! Also inside the glove compartment the key was waiting, so I took it to start the Car and started driving.
Thanks fo the integrated Navigation System I had no Problems to go where I wanted, even without local knowledge :) 

Overall, It was a nice experience and I'll definitely use it in the future, especially when I don't want to use the crowded subway here in Munich.

So, what is Carsharing / Car on Demand?

Carsharing is a way of having the possibility of having a Car without owing one. After once you registred yourself you can pick every Car thats not driving or is not reserved and drive with it as long as you want and also drive with it to where you want. So you want to do a weekend trip to Italy, but you dont have an own Car and dont want to travel by train? Then try Carsharing! ;)

What are the costs at ZebraMobil?

The costs at ZebraMobil are very human! Per driven Minute you pay 25 ct (including taxes, petrol costs, etc), that are 15 € per full hour. As you can return the Car just in the signed area, where you also took it, every minute parking outside this area costs you 10 ct or 6 € per hour. Up from the 7th parked hour every following costs 1,80 €
Per Day there are 200 km included, for every more you have to pay 10 ct per km

Is it easy?

Yes, it is! For registration you either have to fill out the form online at their Website or go to the MVV (Münchner Verkehrsverbund / Munichs Transport Network) and they fill it out for and with you. Then you can either get your card via Post or right at the MVV department, for example at the Marienplatz in the city center of Munich. The whole process needs about 5-10 minutes and afterwards you can directly start driving

Anything else to know?

I think its good to know that everyone up from the age of 18, with a driving license, can use ZebraMobil.
For sure you should make sure you do not smoke or eat inside the Car to keep it clean. Transporting animals is also not allowed as the other people who are sharing the Car with you can have an animal hair allergy.
Good to know is also that with a ZebraMobil you can not just use the public parking lots, no, you can even use the ones for residents.

What are the Cars that ZebraMobil offers? And how many?

Currently there are about 60 Audi A1 and Audi A3 all around Munich. On their website you can see where they are located. Soon, at the beginning of 2013, they will add some Audi Q3 to their Fleet. Expansions to other Cities are planned and I will inform you as soon as I know anything new!

ZebraMobil Audi A1

integrated Navigation System inside the Audi A1 by ZebraMobil

s-line interior


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