Saturday, November 3, 2012

A-Class Shooting

new Mercedes-Benz A-Class at the old castle in Tettnang

Hey Guys
One Week ago I had the chance to do some photos for Autoschau Tettnang, the biggest outdoor Car exhibition in upper swabia, of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. (In total I drove 6 different A-Classes, so far)

The Photos aren't super super cool, as I 1) just had my 50mm lens with me (so no wide angle Pictures possible) and 2) the sun didn't wanted to show up that day, too.

If you might think the castle of Tettnang in the background looks a bit down, it will be restored for a few years up from the coming spring. No doubt, this will be one of my last shootings there (can you remember the one I did there with the Renault Twizy?)

Anyway, enjoy the Pictures and have a nice Saturday! :)

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