Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Day I met Adam. Opel Adam

Sitting on ADAMs hood and waiting for the sun to go down :)
Hey Guys

The Opel Adam (or Vauxhall Adam..) is like a Little "End of Summer" Affair. The One you Tell everything and every second together simply makes you happy. You expire a lot together and when the 'Time to say Goodbye' Moment comes two teardrops run down your cheeks. He traeted you always good and kind and you cant stop thinking about the awesome Time you had together until you see each other again . . .
You're confused as you supposed a driving review here? I was still anywhere in "ADAM Land", but now I'm back with a clear mind, my oppinion about the Opel Adam and just the nice Photos, in remembrance of my "End of Summer" Affair ;)

It was already in May when Opel revealed the Name of their new compact Car via their Facebook Page. At this Time I wasnt sure about "Adam". The Comic was awfull (Sorry, but thats the only word to describe it) and the name is farer away of a "cool trendy" name than Felix Baumgartner to the Earth during his free fall in Sept. But then, Time passed by and the Paris Motor Show aka Mondial Automobile came closer and during the first Public Day I had the chance to see it in real for the first time. Pictures and definitely adverts always let you see something different . .
I had a first "hands on" and tried a few things. Of course there was nothing huge possible as I wasnt the only interested Person. So I had to leave him behind, with no soon possibility for a reunion.

And then came today. The Day I Met Adam. Opel Adam. Finally again!

If you are still searching for a complete Test Drive Review, wait for my tomorrows Post...

Today I had about 3h in total to Drive and expire "him" and all I can already say is that:
- WOW (Surpised)
- I'm in LOVE ...

Tomorrow I will have some hours before the damn Daily Life has me again. For now, Good night and think of your last "Summer Affair" and live the, I hope nice, emotions again!

(I posted these Pictures during the Day on my Facebook and Instagram, check it for more!) ;)

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