Monday, November 19, 2012

Volkswagen Golf 7 - Answers to your Questions

Hey Guys

Now (finally!) the Answers to your Questions about the new Volkswagen Golf 7. I apologize for not publishing them earlier but somehow the list, where I collected what you want to know, was never in the same place as I was :/

I've asked you "What do you want to know" and here now your Questions and my Answers.
If you have any further Questions, let me know!

Let's get started. .

Yes. The standard TSI engine with 63kW/85 hp and 160 Nm will be turbo charged.

2l 4 cylinder TDI ?
No, there wont be such an engine, but the highest one will be a 2.0 TDI with 110kW/150 hp.

Why does it look like a Polo?
Thats mainly because of Volkswagens "Family Face" but also because the Golf is getting bigger, the Polo is growing, too, and so your eyes recognize the "Golf-size" and you think that it's a Golf, although its, from the size, a Polo now.

Does it sound like a Golf when you close the door?
Whoa, good question! Actually I have to confess that I never heard a typical sound when closing a door. .

Will it blend?
Challenge accepted! ;-)

Black glass looking roof?
Thats the transparent Panoramaroof. It reduces, for example, 99% UV radiation.

GTI version, hp & R version, hp
Unfortunately I dont have these Information yet, but after the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March we will know more!

As good as the Golf MK1?
As I, unfortunately, never gas the chance to drive a Golf 1 I cant decide on which the better model is.
Bur the Golf is continuely adapting new features and as the first Golf was already something special I would say the Golf 7 is it as well. A Car that goes with the time and is suitable for every mankind.

Soundsystem, compared to the Audi A3 with Bang&Oluffsen
Compared to the voluminous and deep sound of the A3 with B&O Sound the stock Golf 7 one cant compete in any way!
Its great to listen to Radio, but when you want to put the volume up I would ratger listen to the B&O than to the stock Golf 7 one.

Is it fun to drive?
When you're alown on a road it definitely can be. Every driver drives different but you can have fun while driving, shifting through the DSG with paddles at your steering wheel ir with a regular manual transmission. In case of a "sportier driving" I really recommend not to drive in the automatic mode of the DSG as it was shifting a bit too late and not when I would have wanted it to do.

Would Lisa buy one?
Beside the fact that its a great Car - its a Golf, what else to say - personally for me It would be too "huge" and I wont buy one and would rather go for a Polo or even up!
Most of the time I drive alone, to work, and do not need to carry lots if things. So a Golf would just be a "waste of space" for me and it wouldnt be ecological enough ;)

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