Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celebrating 110 Years at the Ford Motor Company

With a successful 2012 already behind them, 2013 looks set to also be a year of note for the Ford Motor Company. Not only is it the company’s 110th anniversary, it is also the 150th anniversary of their great founder’s birth. Henry Ford, born in 1863, was an entrepreneur who began his business with the intention of breaking into what was at that time an exclusive, aggressive industry – that of automobiles. For the first time, his production lines provided ordinary people with the opportunity to purchase their own motor cars at affordable prices.

Return of the Model A
In 1903 the Ford Motor Company was in trouble. Only $250 stood between them and bankruptcy. Luckily the sale of three cars kept the company afloat and able to produce more vehicles further down the line. It is believed that one of those three cars – a 1903 Model A Rear Entry Tonneau – will be re-presented by the company at their 110th anniversary celebrations in 2013.
Originally discovered to still be in existence approximately 60 years ago, the Tonneau was sold back to the company which made it for a mere quarter of a million dollars. Considering its 2007 closing estimate was $630,000, this seems like a bargain. However the word is that the vehicles historical significance may have played a part in the owner’s decision to relinquish it back to the company for such a – relatively – affordable price.
Given that the Ford A is capable of still running after 110 years it’s no surprise that many people still prefer to buy older models from dealerships such as the Car Shop. Used Ford cars have a reputation for reliability and affordability, which has evidently withstood the test of time.

Continuing Success for Ford
Not only is 2013 a special year in terms of the historical significance of this internationally successful company, they are also reaping awards left and right for their newer models. The Ford Fusion has recently won the title of 2013 ‘Green Car of the Year’, making it the cheapest model to have ever done so. Ford was the original winner of the award when it was first presented in 2006, for the Mercury Mariner hybrid.
2012 also saw the sale of Ford’s 350-millionth car, which was sold in Thailand. The company has much to be proud of, and will surely be celebrating its success in style, accompanied by that trusty reminder of humbler times – the Model A Tonneau.

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