Wednesday, December 26, 2012

iXoost Exhaust-iPod-Sound-System

iXoost Exhaust-iPod-Sound-System

Hey Guys
Christmas might be (finally?!) over now, but for a present like the iXoost Exhaust-iPod-Sound-System it's all over the year the right time.

iXoost is the first audio system for iPhone/iPod entirely hand-built in Modena by local craftsmen, designed by Matteo Panini (Son of THE Panini Creator. Check out more details about the Museum here..) and Mirco Pecorari.

Every iXoost base out of a solid block of aluminium, with parts such as the exhaust manifold turned and milled using five-axis machines, making this object unique also in terms of the way it’s put together.

The name iXoost comes from the English pronunciation of the word “exhaust”, the first dock station dreamed up by Matteo Panini and designed by Mirco Pecorari. Mechanics and sound come together thanks to the tradition evoked by the world of engines.

The docks are colourful, finished with high-quality leather coupled with the exhaust manifolds to create fantastic combinations which are a pleasure for the heart as much as for the eye. Listen to your music through extremely innovative loudspeakers featuring a 140W active subwoofer.

Its exceptional sound quality and fine acoustic detail provides this dock station with an unequalled listening experience.

An app has also been created ad hoc by Apple to turn iPod or iPhone into a perfect partner to iXoost.

The base price is at 5.000 Euro, for more Information go to their official website

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I bet EVERY automotive heart is beating much faster now, yours, too? ;)

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