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Driving the AUDI R8 V10 Spyder around Le Mans 2012

Hey Guys

As I already posted here (AUDI R8 Spyder around Le Mans) I had the chance to drive a Audi R8 V10 Spyder for some hours around Le Mans. Here's now f-i-n-a-l-l-y the Video!

I'm not sure about the Quality ... I think the Windows Movie Maker "destroyed" the Full HD GoPro Quality. :(



Hey Guys

At the Drivers Parade in Le Mans weren't only Hypercars, there were also some E-Cars, just like this one, the Citroën Survolt.

smart times 2012 - Antwerp, Belgium

Hey Guys

Almost two more months to go ... Until thousands (!) of enthusiastic smart-Lovers from all over the World will meet up in Antwerp in Belgium to spent some nice Days together.

When exactly? August Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th

Where? in the port area at Hangar29 Waagnatie in Antwerp, Belgium

Who? more than 4,500 smart enthusiasts from 25 countries are expected in Antwerp

Who else? Everyone interested is invited to come, too! ;-)

Hypercars at the Le Mans Drivers Parade 2012

Hey Guys

Wow wow wow, when you want to see a few million euros/dollars/pounds in a row, then keep on watching the Cars in this Post. If not, keep on watching, too!

At the "Drivers Parade" in Le Mans I've now finally seen a Bugatti Veyron in real life on a real street, for the first time. Also the ones like the Gumpert Apollo, Savage Rivale, Exagon Furtive eGT or the Protoscar Lampo were new for me to see outside Fair Halls.

Le Mans Car Parade - Part 1

Hey Guys

Let's start this Post with the Pot of all desires and continue it with Part 1 of 3 about the "Le Mans Car Parade" (originally Drivers' Parade) which took place in Le Mans on Friday June 15 in the City Center from 17:30 to 19:30.

Unfortunately it started to rain when the Corso through the City started, but I already took those Pictures here right before, so the Cars aren't wet yet ;-)

Spotted: NISSAN JUKE-R in Le Mans 2012

Hey Guys
In Le Mans I've also spotted the one of two NISSAN JUKE-R, the right hand driven one. Wow!
If you're interested, you can buy one of those, LHD or RHD, for just half a million Euros ... until then, enjoy the Photos! ;-)

smart really fits everywhere!

Hey Guys

"Belgrade, residential building, 10 floors, 142 tenants.
6 hidden cameras, 1 elevator.
And one car that fits everywhere"

Want to know more about the smart times 2012 in Antwerp?


LE MANS with a Helicopter in 10 Minutes

Hey Guys
When you're at Le Mans for the first time, and just hanging around in the area between the Paddock and the Ferris Wheel you don't have (no, you really don't have) a clue of the real dimensions of the Track. 13,5 km sound smaller than they actually are!

So I did a 10 Minutes Helicopter Flight and we flew 1,5 times around the Track. If you're interested in one of those flights for the next time, you can exit the area right behind the starting-grid on the side of the Airport (there's a small brown house where they scan your tickets, so you can exit). I can really recommend this experience to everyone! ;-)

Rainy LE MANS - Cars

Hey Guys
Oh yeah, unfortunately the weather really did what was forecasted (why, WHY?), so it rained until Saturday around Midday and there were temperatures of about 15 degrees celsius ...

Fiat reaches 300.000 Facebook fans: a long way together!

Hey Guys

To Celebrate more than 300.000 Facebook Fans Fiat started last weekend a ten-day period in which People can become part of their Timeline.

Contribute in Fiat's "virtual history" by uploading a Picture showing your best memory with a Fiat. Just like Anne and Charles, they went on their marriage trip with a Fiat 500, in December 1959.

You can check the recently uploaded Pictures here: Click


The 24th HOUR IN LE MANS 2012 - FINISH

Hey Guys
When the 4 AUDI passed the finish line of the 80th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans the atmosphere was so unique all around. People that haven't even knew each other were celebrating together, cheering, clapping their hands and applauding loud.

Audi won the 24 Heures du Mans and for the very very first time a Hybrid/Diesel Car won a Motorsports Race, and then the "hardest in the world".

The Partying mood of the Spectators couldn't be stopped by walls, everyone was now storming the track to be as close as possible at the ceremony.

Later, when I also went downstaris, I picked up one of those gold-glitter-things. One of the best souvenirs you can get, don't you agree?

24 Heures du Mans at Midnight

Hey Guys
When everything is dark, silent and slowed down (or already sleeping) the Sound of the passing Cars is even more Impressive!
I've taken the Pictures with my 50 mm 1,8 Lens down from the Skylounge and the Racing Arena during 12 pm and about 3 am on Saturday/Sunday.


Hey Guys
I think in the first second, when I saw THIS, I was thinking nothing less than "Shouldn't it be on the Track right now? What the hell is it doing here, outside on a Public Road?"

Well, it had a british number plate ... there even your couch can become a "Car" ... have fun checking the Pics out!

Audi R18 e-tron quattro - "The evolution of racing"

Hey Guys

Right now the 24 Heures du Mans 2012 officially start ... have fun watching this "the evolution of racing" Video by Audi!


Le Mans 2012 - Pit Lane & Paddock

Hey Guys
The Places where all the "Background Magic" happens are definitely around the Pit Lane and the Paddock Area. Where the whole Team (Audi has 200 People for 4 Cars, two different ones) works so perfectly together that they could place all their Cars in the Top 10. Congratulations for that, but tomorrow we'll see if a Pole Position really means that you have to win...

Today, Saturday, the 24 Heures Du Mans will start, follow me on Facebook for Live Updates! Click

NEW AUDI SQ5 TDI at Le Mans 2012

Hey Guys

As if THE Motorsports Event of the whole Years is not enough Audi presented a new Car straight 5 meters next to the Racetrack - the new Audi SQ5 TDI - It's Audis first S-Model with a Diesel engine and has 313 HP.

Facts about the SQ5:

 3.0 l Biturbo V6 Diesel engine0 - 100 km/h in 5,1 secondsTop Speed at 250 km/honly 7,2 l per 100 kmeight-speed tiptronic and a permanent quattro (four-wheel) drive0,3 cm lower than the normal Q5platnium-grey single-frame radiator grilleup to 2.4 tons of towing capacityAUDI connect will be availableBase Price at 58.500 EuroAvailable to order in Fall this Year & delivery in Spring 2013

Maybe you're also interested in some Picutres of the 3rd Qualifying in Le Mans?

You are interested in audi sq5, audi sq5 test, 2013 audi sq5 black, audi sq5 acceleration, audi sq5 bilder, audi sq5 pictures, audi sq5 tdi or audi sq5 test drive ? Then I hope you found the right things. If not, don't hesitate to contact me and ask for everyt…

LE MANS 2012 Thursday, June 14 3rd Qualifying Session

Hey Guys
WOW, Le Mans is just WOW!
As I never been to a Motorsports Event like this before I already had some thoughts about how it will be here, but all my Expectations were exceeded. Sure I thought it will be "big" here, but SO big and everything is really the Way you see it on TV, its gorgeous!

Here now some first Impressions of the third Qualifying Session from Thursday 10 - 12 pm.

AUDI R8 Spyder around Le Mans

Hey Guys

Driving a AUDI R8 Spyder around Le Mans, thats what I did today when I drove from my Hotel to the Race Track. 24 Heures de Mans, what a historical Race! For the 80th time the Race takes place from this Saturday to Sunday.

I enjoyed the nice Weather "top less", so with the roof down, and cruised around the Track and the Parking Spaces.
Here now some first Impressions and the proof that I'm still alive and now on my way again to the Pitlane, to breath the unique atmosphere there ... follow me on Facebook for Live Pictures and Updates! Click

Automotive Interiors Expo Awards 2012

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Hey Guys
Up from today, until Thursday, the "Automotive Interiors Expo" is held in Stuttgart, Germany. For the first time they hosted an Award to honor "the world's finest designers, innovations and products in the automotive interiors arena".
Originally I planned to go to the Fair, but the busy girl I am, I had no time ... Anyways, here nor the Winners of this years first Award:

Journey Through a Mercedes-Benz Engine

Hey Guys
A very nice Video by "mbusa" takes you on the Journey through an engine. Have fun watching it!

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Car of the Week: Chevy Nova '68

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Hey Guys
Today a new Car of the Week, the Chevy Nova! I will focus on the third Generation, the same one like my blue model car.

2012 24 Hours of Le Mans - Cars, Driver, Teams

Pin it! 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans - Cars, Driver, Teams
Hey Guys
Here now an Overview of all the Cars, the Teams and the Drivers of the 24 Hours of Le Mans next Week.
When is what happening?

The 2012's Starting-Grid categorized after:  Number / Car / Team / Drivers

2012 24 Hours of Le Mans - Schedule

Hey Guys

That's the Schedule for the 2012's 24 Hours of Le Mans, taking place from Saturday, 16th 3 pm to Sunday, 17th 2:59 pm. 

Sunday, 10 June & Monday, 11 June:
2.30 - 7 pm Sporting Checks and Administrative scruntineering
Wednesday, 13 June:
4 - 8 pm Free Practice10 - 12 pm Qualifying
Thursday, 14 June:
7 - 9 pm Qualifying10 - 12 pm Qualifying
Friday, 15 June:
5.30 - 7.30 pm Grande Parade / Drivers' Parade in the City Center
Saturday, 16 June:
9 - 9.45 am Warm-Up3 am Start of the 80th 24h of Le Mans
Sunday, 17 June:
 3 am End of the 80th 24h of Le Mans


At Geiger Cars in Munich

Pin it! at Geiger Cars in Munich

Hey Guys

When I was in Munich in May to test drive the Chevrolet Captiva with Jan and Jens we also went to Geiger Cars - a Tuner and Importeur for US Cars like Corvettes, Chargers, RAM's but also Aveo's and more. And Heaven on earth!

Driving the ABT AUDI R8 GT S - Video

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Hey Guys
Turn your speakers on and enjoy this ABT AUDI R8 GT S - Sound, Drive-Bys, Fly-Bys and in the end I'm driving it by myself! :)

AUTOPORTRAITS by Vladimir Nikolic

Hey Guys

I can't describe it, but I always thought about doing something like this, but when I saw what Vladimir Nikolic does this Idea immediately faded away. Because I know I will never be as good as he is in "imitating Cars"!


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Hey Guys

On Friday there came so many memories back for me when I drove the new 2012's AUDI A3, thanks to Audi Germany.
More than two years ago, when I had the first drive with my driving school's A3 8P I was definitely more frightened and excited, but the now new 8V wasn't that bad either ... my Driver/Co-Driver Jan ( and I have done most of our kilometers with  the 1.8 TFSI quattro with the equipment package "Ambition" around inviting roads next to the curvy coast of Mallorca in Spain.

AUDI A3 Videos by german Autoblogger

Hey Guys

Here now two Videos which were created while our time with the Audi A3 on Friday.

The First one is by by Driver/Co-Driver Jan of, the second Video is by Björn of

Sorry, both are in German. But Pictures can say more than a thousand words! ;-)

Driving the new Audi A3 #a3mallorca

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Hey Guys
As you already may noticed here or maybe here, I was able to test drive the new Audi A3, thanks to Audi Germany.
Driving the Car through the Serpentines right on the coast of Mallorca - nice contrast to the 2. Generation Audi A3 I had to learn driving in driving school about two years back!

more here: TEST DRIVE: AUDI A3 2012

#A3Mallorca - driving the new Audi A3 - my Tweets

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