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#bloglight July 2012 - Mercedes-Benz

Hey Guys
*drumm rolls* ... congratulations Mercedes-Benz, you are the deserved winner of this months german Autoblogger "Bloglight". We choose one manufacturer every month, you find here more Informations about the Blogger Auto Award

In my eyes the Guys at Daimler did a huge step into the Brands new social and digital live with their new platform SOCIAL PUBLISH. It's a revolutionary and path breaking way of a Car Manufacturer to collect all the important and necessary news, sort them manually by hand and put them on the clear and easy to handle website.
Social Publish will be up from now my Number 1 source for News all about the Mercedes Brand. Either if I'm searching especially for Videos (or Pictures/...) or want to read all the latest articles about the lovely new A-Class, I will find everything I'm searching for and much more.

And again, congratulations for taking this step, Mercedes-Benz, you've did some awesome work to realize this Project and kee…

Off to Copenhagen, driving the new A3 #audidays

Hey Guys
About two months ago Audi owners were able to apply for this years "Experience Days", on their Website, and I'm one of the lucky "winners" that will travel to Copenhagen today.

Yes, I already drove the new Audi A3 8V (2012) but now again, maybe I'll find new things I like/dislike, after 2 months!

As the Program is not the smallest, go and check our Tweets out. There won't be any better possibility to be more live with us! ;-)

Driving without insurance - Driving in the UK

Why driving without insurance could cost you much more than money- Driving in the UK

Under UK law, it is compulsory for anybody who uses, or permits a vehicle to be used on a road or other public place, to hold valid insurance against third party risks. The onus is on the person using the vehicle to comply with the Road Traffic Act and ensure that a valid insurance policy is in place.

"The Beauty & The Beast (2012 Nissan GT-R)" by

Hey Guys
Now something "different" to normal (and mine ...) Car Videos. set the 2012 Nissan GT-R, also known as BEAST, awesomely in scene. Pared with a young blonde Girl the Beast doesn't want anything else than just be close to his beloved.
Have fun watching the Video!

Carspotting Munich July 2012

Hey Guys
Finally, again, some of my latest Carspotting finds, this time the ones from the past 7 Days in Munich.

Photoshoot at Mercedes Munich

Hey Guys
These Pictures, taken at the Mercedes-Benz dealership reached my E-Mail inbox today. MB Munich took two snaps of the "Motor Klassik" Photoshoot at the Arnulfstrasse. The "official Pictures" will appear in the magazine next month.
The Cars there are a Mercedes-Benz 600 SL, Ferrari 412, Lamborghini Jarama, BMW 850 CSi and a Daimler Double Six.

AUDI SQ5 TDI 0-100 km/h Acceleration Video

Hey Guys
Yesterday I was able to test drive the new Audi SQ5 TDI around the Airport in Munich. More Impressions will follow, here now a 0-100 km/h acceleration Video.


Hey Guys

At the Drivers and Car Parade in Le Mans this year I've not only spotted Hypercars, there were also some nice classic Cars around. Like this Dax Ford gt40 replica. 35 ones of those ones were built in total between the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

OPEL ADAM: just unique

Hey Guys

You can see it the way you want, and you can think about it the way you want. But one thing is pretty clear - the new Opel Adam is unique.
Or maybe not, it looks to me like an Asian Audi A1 (if you know what I mean ...), or what do you think?

But what I like, according to the Video, is the Video Screen in the middle console.
A bit just like at "West Coast Customs" in the good old Days.
Dear Opel, now its your turn!
Create a Part II of this Video, let it start where this one ends and then Xzibit jumps in the Video, like in the good old Days, the rims start to rotate, like if something magical happened and for sure he already has a Playstation controller in the back pocket of his jeans and then he'll demonstrate us how to play NFS on this Video Screen there ...

Maserati Quattroporte 2014 Drawings

Hey Guys

At The Art of Speed I found some drawings of the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte. What do you think about those ones? Do you think you'll like the real one, according to those Drawings?

Car of the Week: Audi Avus quattro

Hey Guys
After almost a thousand years now again a "Car of the Week" here, Yeeaahh!!
But today it's not a model car it's 1:1 this time, the W12 concept car Audi Avus quattro that I've seen at the Audi Forum in Ingolstadt this May.
... something shiny for a cold, grey and rainy Sunday Evening. Hope it's brightening your mood a bit! ;-)

MERCEDES-BENZ A 250 SPORT Driving + Sound

Hey Guys
What do the letters A M G stand for, for you?
Power, Performance, customized Bodywork, FUN, ...
And now, put all that in a Compact Car and you have "THE perfect Car" or better known as the Mercedes-Benz W 176 A 250 SPORT.


Hey Guys
And, what about you? Do you have celebrated the first international KISS THE ENGINE DAY well?
You haven't knew that this Day is/was today, on July 12th? Then you're not following me on twitter ... ;-)

Here now some first Pictures that were send me of YOU kissing your Cars engine. What a "momentous day!", like @Driven_Data said on Twitter.

The New 2012 Jaguar Range – Road Tested And Reviewed

This year saw the arrival of the new Jaguar range, superb drives updated and improved significantly. First impressions; stunning to look at, jaw dropping performance when driving, cutting edge features inside and all this at very good value for money.

If you wanted to take a closer look at one in person we suggest heading to HA Fox Jaguar, while this review will give you a good account on these superb pieces of machinery, seeing them in person allows you to see their true beauty.


Hey Guys

Tomorrow it is, for the very very first time, the International KISS THE ENGINE DAY!

"The international Kiss the Engine Day was created by Lisa theCarAddict to remind everyone to honor your Car (/Vehicle) and every other Car on this Planet. They do so much for us every single day, so why not saying "thank you" with a little kiss? Date every year: July 12th!"

If you want to be a Part of the first Kiss the engine Day

just take a Picture of yourself kissing your Cars engine and send it and your Photo will be Part of the official Gallery!

(Got a Blog, Website, Fb Fan Page, flickr or YouTube Account? Post this Link in the E-Mail and I'll link back to you!!)

Have fun taking the Pictures! ;-)

the official #KisstheengineDay Gallery

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Test

Hey Guys

On this Page you will find all my A-Class Posts, Videos and of course the Photos, too!


Hey Guys
If you're fast you can be one of 2800 lucky People, owning a MASERATI !!! Oh, wait, no, just a Maserati for your feet.

Limited to each 200 Pairs Maserati Heritage brought 14 new sneaker models on the market. Available to buy at their Online Shop So then, be fast and get yourself a Pair, or two ...

Buon Shopping!

Spotted: Renault Dauphine

Hey Guys
As I already posted on Facebook, I will spend the whole Weekend with nice Classic Cars. Here now one of my "first" sightings, two different-blue-shaded Renault Dauphine.

A few years ago there was a Dauphine for sale at a Car Dealer (remembering the "automotive graveyard"?) in my town. For just a few euros ... but with my 16 years, at that time, I was far away from my driving license and on the other hand the little blue Dauphine wasn't looking much different than the Cars in the Post above. Bye bye Dreams of driving and owning a little Dauphine :(