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I'm off ... learning to drive at #MBdrivingevents

Hey Guys

Yes, I'm off for the next hours - Driving. But I (guess) I won't just drive circles for hours until the tank is empty, now, I will learn how to drive (better) and improve my driving skills. This is also important for my own safety and the safety of others.

I won't take my Camera with me, but the GoPro will hopefully film some nice Scenes and Sounds with the AMGs :)

MISS TUNING 2013 Frizzi Arnold Making of Video in Finland

Hey Guys
Some Days ago you've already seen the Behind the Scenes Photos of the Miss Tuning Calendar 2013 Shooting with the 22 year old east german Frizzi Arnold, here now the official Video.

Carspotting in Frankfurt

Hey Guys

Just a quick update and some of my recent Carspotting Finds, taken while the past Saturday and Sunday in Frankfurt, mainly at the Goethestraße.

Do you like the Ferrari?


Hey Guys Blogger Sara visited the Ferrucio Lamborghini Museum in Ferrara this Summer. Sure she uploaded the Pictures on her Blog. Here now a few of them.

Damn, I definitely need to go there the next time I'm in Italy! I'm hoping for next summer :)

If you want to read her full Blogpost, go to

MISS TUNING 2013 FRIZZI ARNOLD Calendar - Behind the Scenes Phtos

Hey Guys

Before discussing about the Cars in the following Pictures, we could argue about the Pro's and Dislikes for hours, but no, its not basicly about the Cars, its about 2013's Miss Tuning Frizzi Arnold and her Miss Tuning 2013 Calender which will be available up from Friday, the 31st of August.

Only 1500 copies of this will be printed, so you should contact the Messe Friedrichshafen immediately if you want one or two.

Here now some "Behind the Scenes" Impressions of the Shoot in Finland and the Calendar.

Gumball 3000 2012 betsafe Roadmovie Video

Hey Guys
First I want to declarate something ... "When I grow up I'll be a Gumballer!" :-)

For all of you with the same wish here now the Roadmovie of 2012's Team Betsafe at the Coast 2 Coast Gumball 3000.

When kids think they can "drive" ... BMW E46 M3 Crash

Hey Guys

This is just an another example for the fact that not everyone "can" actually handle a Car, even if he might have a driving license.

Driver Description:
"Well it happened at South Mountain park in Phoenix AZ. One of my buddies and I were out just having fun and driving until I came up on a deceptive corner, misjudged it and it happened. No injuries. The car was a total loss. Misjudgment of the road caused the accident."

Who wants to go to the PARIS MOTOR SHOW with me?

Hey Guys

At the first public Day of the Paris Motor Show I will stroll around the Paris Motor Show this year, with Fabian of and we will do a Roadtrip with a Jaguar XF.
Who of you wants to join me, just like at the Geneva Motor Show (see Picture on the right)?

Please Comment YES down HERE and you're in!

Want to have some Impressions of Paris? What about the Exotic Cars at the Place Vendome?

For the TWITTER People, include a simple #YESthecaraddict Hasthag in a tweet and you're in, too!

DEADLINE this time: September 22th!!!

Geiger Corvette ZR-1 200-320 km/h Video

Hey Guys

definitely had fun driving a 800 hpCorvette ZR1, customized by Geiger Cars Munich.

Audi Experience Days Copenhagen 2012 #AudiDays

Hey Guys
Audi invited me to join their 3 week lasting Dealer Meeting in Copenhagen for the Audi Experience Days from July 28th to 29th.
With 249 more Audi enthusiasts (including some nice Blogger, like,,, or we tried and experienced Audi connect live, or almost. The 36 hour stay also included a Visit of the Audi Sphere, the 3 Air Balloons which are dedicated to the Audi e-tron, Audi connect and Audi's lightweight Space Frame.

Car Shoes by Chevrolet

Hey Guys
Sorry but my Brain isn't able to work right now, or to write just one clear sentence ... its just screaming "Waaannnttt! Want! Waaaannntttt!" all the time.
I think this will never stop.
Or I should just stop watching at these "Car Shoes" which Chevrolet Germany just posted on their Facebook Wall :-)

What do you think, would you wear at least one of those two pair?

Mercedes or Renault or Mercedes Citan

Hey Guys
The new Mercedes-Benz Citan is a "two in one", if you want it this way. A Mercedes-Benz with a monstrous-looking appearance and a Renault (Kangoo) under the hood.

Some of you might have already seen the (Original) Mercedes-Benz Video, promoting the Citan. (Several craftsman don't want to drive their delivery vans "You can drive the Car" "No, c'mon, I've already driven today, it's your turn now" and so on. And then, tadaaa, the first Mercedes, the Citan, will be available from Fall 2012).

Have you knew? When you are searching for "Citan wikipedia" on Google you will be atomatically redirected to the Renault Kangoo wikipedia Site. What a funny funny thing ... :-)