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Jaguar #FTYPE and Jaguar stand at #MondialAuto

No long words now, just a few Pictures and a Video for you from the first public Day at the Paris Motor Show aka Mondial Automobile 2012.

Here you have a first few pictures of the newly releaed Jaguar F-Type and a little overview over the Jaguar Stand at Hall 5.1.

More Pictures, lots of Videos and more will follow the next Days, promissed!

Your one and only Car - Generation Golf 2.0


I really think there is one, an one and only Car. Everyone has one or will have one! The Car you had the most emotional experiences with - your first drive ever alone, the summer road trip you did with your best friend, the first crash you had and you felt totally lost in that moment and so so many more.
All this are moments you will probably never forget. And every time your Car was by your side. YOUR Car. The one and only one.

TM concept30 - a Sexy new Classic BMW by TMCars

What I really like are classic Cars. Their Design was and is soo different from today's Hyper-Ingenieur-cw-Designs. I mean nowadays it seems that a low drag coefficient is more important than a real stunning Design. You can have an another opinion about that, I really don't mind if you do ... thank god we can't discuss about Design!

But what's really cool is when someone has the great ability to create something new into a classic "oldschool" Masterpiece. Just like TMCars.

To celebrate and honor the 30th anniversary of the BMW E30 3-series the hungarian Company describes the concept30 by themselves, it "is the easiest way of having a modern looking classic".

PARIS MOTOR SHOW 2012 - List of Premieres & exhibited Cars

In less than one week (5 days, to be exact), the annual PARIS MOTOR SHOW will open its doors for the public Visitors. I will be on Site, armed with my Cameras to cover the first Day live for you - all the uncovered Cars and everything else waiting there for you and me.

Here now a List of all the Premieres and World-debuts and exhibited Cars at the "Mondial de'l Automobile".

Is there anything you'd like to have especially covered? Any Automotive Dream you already like?
Let me know and I will focus on the Cars and Debuts you prefer the most!

If you want to follow my updates keep checking this Page or search on Instagram and Twitter for the #KittyBloggerParis hashtag ;-)

Chevrolet Aveo T300 doing 0-100 kmh / 0-60 mph

As you have maybe seen through by Facebook, Twitter or Instagram I had a lovely 2012 Chevrolet Aveo T300 for a two Week Test. As a sneak peak before I'll publish the whole test review here now an Acceleration Video, going 0-100 kmh / 0-60 mph in respectable 12,6 seconds.

The first Bentley Hotel Room Suite at St. Regis NY

It's the first hotel room design collaboration for Bentley Motors, but when looking at the Pictures it might be true that it won't be the last one. The delightful St. Regis Hotel in New York, not far of the famous Central Park located, has already done collaborations with e.g. Dior or Tiffany and the luxurious Bentley Suite definitely fits in this Line.

The one-of-a-kind hotel suite is located at the 15th floor and prices per night start at $9,500 plus tax and includes complimentary access to the 2013 St. Regis Bentley Mulsanne within a 10-block radius of the hotel such as a Butler Service and in-suite champagne bar.

Ford GOes FURTHER by producing Cars for all mankind

Hey Guys
The Ford Motor Company invited be to join their "Go Further" Event in Amsterdam on the 6th of September.
Ford wants to be loud and big all over the world with 15 global models till 2017. At the Event, Alan and the others, definitely gave a sneak of it and if the Marketing will be efficient they definitely can set their goals high, and achieve them.

Renault Twizy + mobile Coffee Shop = Espressizy

Hey Guys
Waaah, the coolest "Tuning" since the Renault Twizy is now on the market ... a moving Coffee Shop, by Van Dyk Cologne! :)

They already had an "espresso bike" but the Twizy is for an EV and Coffee Lover juuust the perfect thing!!

Mercedes-Benz multifunctional SL Office [Video]

Hey Guys
Who of us haven't dreamed of owning a "Car-Bed" as a kid? Or then, later, to have an office desk, designed out of a front grille of one of your favorite Cars?

At the Mercedes-Benz website I've found this Video which is first not bad and second it shows the production of some awesome automotive Office Furniture!

First and exclusive - the Audi RS 5 Convertible celebrates its online world premiere!

Hey Guys
Are you excited?

At 2pm central european time (germany, Italy, France, Spain,...) the secret of the new Audi RS5 Convertible will be revealed. Don't miss it!

As I won't be able to watch the presentation by myself (I'm attending an another event right now) you're invited to let me your opinions about the RS5 Convertible via twitter by using the #RS5Conv hashtag or down here via the Facebook Comment Box. This will be easier for me than streaming the whole presentation on my smartphone :)

I'm really looking forward for your opinions, thoughts and reports!!

Improved by Driving Skills at #mbdrivingevents

Hey Guys
This past Saturday I've spent as a complete "Petrolhead-Day" at the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events at the auto motor und sport Driving Center in Groß Dölln in the north of the german Capital City Berlin (app. 100 km).
Together with 4 other Bloggers (Heike (, Kim (,Jan ( and Philipp ( we tried the "Basic Training" which lasts a whole Day and includes a training of real life Situations to know how to react or better to avoid them by having your Car under a better control.

To bring the result of this Day at the beginning I can say that I really enjoyed it. And, whats the most important point, I've learned something and in the last few Days since the Training I am now really driving with both of my hands at the steering wheel. It might be an easy and small thing that has changed for me, but you can never pay too much attention at your own Security!

Mercedes-Benz Driving Events Basic Training [Video]

Two Guys and a half Car - Chromjuwelen Électrique Film

Hey Guys

In case you know Chromjuwelen aka Ralf and Chris already you know that they're total petrolheads.
Last year they did their "Continental Extreme". A Roadtrip with a red '64 Imperial Crown in Nevada and Vegas for Sema 2011 and then, not only as a cultural but also automotive contrast the Dubai Motor Show 2011. In the end they created an outstanding 70 minutes Blockbuster out of their experiences.

This time the same crew but another Continent, another Feelings to grasp and notably another Power - electric Power!
Two Guys and a half Car. No, I'm just kidding of course! the smart eD is for 100% a real Car.

"We wanted to know if electric cars are actually as sober, pale and anemic, as it suggests that most of the products it can. In this respect, such a self-experiment to expand our cultural horizons motor was inevitable."
In the following 30 minutes Video you can now discorver what they've seen, felt and expired this time.