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Volkswagen crowned the ultimate Fan Food & WIN a VIP-Trip to WRC in Monte Carlo!


Hey Guys

First of all I wish everyone a merry christmas and I hope you enjoyed it with your family, friends and beloved ones. Besides lots of Food, some presents and almost no posibility to do something else than spending time with your family (some like it, some not..) there is just one disadvantage about the winter time .. there is no Motorsport happening so you're not able to watch something on TV or via the Internet.

But in order to count the days down to the start of the WRC Rallye in Monte-Carlo Volkwagen presents a Video and something very special but cool, they invented the ultimate "VW Polo WRC Fan Food"!
After testing different types of fast food like Pizza, Burger, Fries .. they found THE ULTIMATE Fan Food for Volkswagen Fans. It can be eaten even during watching it both in front of the TV and right next to the track and it's easy and delicious - the Currywurst!

Window Shopping at Bob Forster Park Lane London

Hey Guys

In our current christmas-season there seems nothing better than shopping - buying stuff for our beloved and friends and sometimes also something small for ourselves. So Window Shopping at Bob Forster at Park Lane London might be a cheap solution, or going in and buying somehting?! What would you do?

Personally I wouldn't mind if this Brabus G-Glass would appear (in real size) under my christmas tree this year - it already has a red bow for me :)

Carspotting London: Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 (from Qatar)

Hey Guys

A white Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 in London - one of the best things in London is definitely the possibility to go carspotting! So yesterday,while wandering the Park Lanve for Manufacturers Shops, this Mansory Ferrari first passed me ("nooo, I've missed it!!") and then, voila, it waited for me at a petrol station :)

Check out the Video, hope you like it!

Gallery: Nissan Leaf (Silver)

Hey Guys

ようこそ、入力して、乗り心地を楽しんでください! (Japanese for: Hello and welcome, jump in and enjoy your ride!)

Here some Pictures of my Test Drive with a Nissan Leaf electric car during "the electric avenue" back in May 2012, the Review will follow!

Lotus Motorsport presents the track-only Elise S Cup R

Hey Guys

Evolving from the 1.6 litre Elise platform, this is the first time the supercharged Elise S’ mid-mounted, transverse, 1.8 litre 2ZR-FE engine has been used in a Cup variant. Priced at £39,125 + VAT and boasting bespoke livery and aerodynamic body kit, the Elise S Cup R showcases the marriage of form and function perfectly so that performance is optimised yet retains its stylish and iconic aesthetic.

Performance is enhanced over the road-going Elise S thanks to a motorsport-specific engine control module (ECM) and a CFD proved aero pack comprising; front splitter, barge boards, winglets, rear diffuser, floor extensions and rear wing. Despite the extra body kit and race-ready additions, Lotus Motorsport manages to maintain the road car’s light weight of just 924 kg. These modifications and the clever manipulation of air-flow to create extra downforce, combined with adjustable damper and springs, reduces lap times by 4 seconds on a 5 km lap over the standard Elise S.

CARS AS ART – Aston Martin Centenary Celebrations on Canvas

Hey Guys

As luxury British sports car maker Aston Martin’s centenary year draws towards its close the company is unveiling a collection of unique artworks created to celebrate and document its 100 years in business.

More than 150 of the sport car maker’s owners, enthusiasts and advocates last night (21 November) joined key figures from the London art world at the brand’s unique central London showcase – W-One – for the unveiling of the paintings created by Aston Martin’s centenary artist-in-residence, James Hart Dyke.

Peugeot Directors wash Cars for Children in Need

Hey Guys

Last week, TV Celebrity, Peter Andre launched the ‘Get Sudsy with Pudsey’ initiative to kick off Peugeot’s 2013 campaign to raise lots of money for Children in Need.

'The UK's Largest Car Wash' took place at 272 Peugeot sites across the UK from 6th to 10th November and today, Peugeot Directors did their bit for Children in Need by washing employees cars at Peugeot’s UK Headquarters in Coventry. Employees bid for a slot during the two hour car wash to have their cars washed and polished by the Board of Peugeot UK.

Porsche unveiles three World Premieres at Motor Shows in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Guangzhou

Hey Guys

The next weeks are pretty busy for Porsche as they are unveiling three World Premieres at the Motor Shows in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Guangzhou.

From November 20, Porsche will unveil a total of three new models at Motor Shows in Los Angeles (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Guangzhou (China). The highlight of this cavalcade of trade fair appearances will be the global unveiling of the new Porsche Macan at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which brings Porsche performance to a completely new segment of the market. The world premiere of the Macan signals the official start of communications for this exciting new member of the Porsche family.


Hey Guys

Yesterday was a very special day for SEAT: exactly 60 years ago to the day, the company’s first car rolled off the production line at its Zona Franca factory in Barcelona.

SEAT had been established only three years earlier, and had developed the 1400 with a focus on the transport needs of government officials. Initially available as a saloon, SEAT would also create estate, seven-seat and commercial versions of the 1400; Spanish cabbies loved the 1400, and it remained a popular taxi well into the following decade.

Remember: Don't Drink and Drive!

Hey Guys

Taking the start of the carnival season, and also a very alcoholic one, here in Germany (11.11 at 11:11 am) as a good cause to talk to you a bit about Driving Security, things you should think about before starting your cars ignition ... in Fact Don't Drink and Drive is today's motto for us german Autoblogger to contriubute something for our all Driving Security.

The new BMW 2 Series Coupé - Design process

Hey Guys

“The aim was to give the BMW 2 Series Coupé a strong, unique character. I was mainly inspired by the idea of a fast lap on the North loop of the Nürburgring: the feeling of being able to master any curve.”
Christopher Weil
Exterior Designer BMW 2 Series Coupé

Drive Woman, Drive in Saudi Arabia! #SaudiWomantoDrive

Hey Guys

For me as a female Car Addict I could never imagine that it wouldn't be "allowed" to have an interest in Cars and drive them by myself. Since Years and all over the World Woman are fighting for their rights and the "PRO equal pay"-debates here in Germany, Europe, .. seem so childish when it's about the human right to drive.

Did you know that Woman are not allowed to drive a car by themselves in Saudi Arabia, in 2013?

New Alfa-Jeep-City-Crossover-SUV spotted near Milan

Hey Guys

Darragh from spotted a Testing Mule yesterday on his Way to Milan in Italy.
As Jalopnik assumes "they're also developing a new baby-Jeep to slot in below the Compass" and on IRDriver they talk about a Giulietta based Alfa-Jeep Hybrid.

To me the Front looks definitely like the well-known Jeep-Frame-Grille sits under the black covers and the back looks - no doubt - like an Alfa Romeo. The Size seems to be definitely higher than we're used to from Alfa Romeos and this Mule just looks fat and lets start praying it won't be the same Exterior-Designer as Jeep used for the probably "Ugliest Car of the Year".

Carspotting around the Nurburgring during OGP 2013

Hey Guys

Finally I had the possibility to do some Carspotting.. again, during the Oldtimer Grand Prix back in August! The Nurburgring is just such a nice Place to see the coolest and loudest and fastest Cars!

Mercedes-Benz UK launches Daimler Fleet Management

Hey Guys

With it's best month ever, 28 per cent rise in registrations in September, Mercedes-Benz launched 'Daimler Fleet Management' in the UK. It will deliver greater choice and flexibility to both new and existing Mercedes-Benz fleet customers.

Honda at Tokyo Motor Show 2013 - Honda S660 Concept, Honda MC-β, ASIMO and more

Hey Guys

Honda will bring some Automotive Highlights as well as Motorbikes and Robots (!) to the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013, starting on November 20.

They just announced their line-up of production and concept models, which will include the Honda S660 concept, an open-top sports-type mini-vehicle, the world premiere of the production model of the URBAN SUV CONCEPT and the Japan premiere of the NSX CONCEPT, the next-generation super sports model.

Gallery: Volkswagen e-up! (white)

Hey Guys

After Test Driving the red VW cross up! some Days ago I was also able to drive some rounds with the electric up!, the VW e-up!, in and around Hanover. During one of the last warm and sunny days I really enjoyed the possibility to open the sunroof and drive both on country roads and on the Autobahn with no noise, no pollution and fresh wind through my hair - there should be more EV's with sunroofs or in general electric Convertibles!!

Orange foiled Lamborghini Aventador by PRINT TECH

Hey Guys

To make car bodies experience a revolution – that is to what the Munich PRINT TECH GmbH Premium Wrapping and Carstyling clearly took up the cause. In the present case, the “strike” went to no less a figure than a formerly black Lamborghini Aventador. For the perfect full-foiling – here in matte orange-red-chrome – the vehicles are being completely taken to pieces at PRINT TECH. So also in this case. The Lamborghini wrapping in this really unique color composition was made with so called Centurion-Foil. Only the top and some plastic pieces have been wrapped by foil in black brushed look. The costs for the foiling of this delivered by Lamborghini Munich vehicle in private ownership amount to 10,000 Euro. For the in glossy black powder coated rims another 1,200 Euro are to be added, the car glass toning demanding additional 200 Euro. Finally, the remote Capristo exhaust system valve control merits to be mentioned, demanding 1,500 Euro including mounting.

Gallery: Audi A8 4.0 TFSI (Cuvée Silver)

Hey Guys

After the first Audi A8 Gallery here more Pictures of the 2013 Audi A8 Facelift in Cuvée Silver, shot in and around Dusseldorf.

I would definitely prefer "Cuvée Silver" over Monsoon Grey as it's something different than the usual black or silver/grey and it's still a decent color!

Gallery: Audi A8 2013 V6 TDI Monsoon Grey

Hey Guys

Some first Pictures of a 2013 Audi A8 in Monsoon Grey, with a nice V6 3.0 TDI engine with 190 kW / 258 PS and 580 Nm.

Audi A8 V8 4.0 TFSI 0-100 kmh/ 0-60 mph

Hey Guys

Pushing the Audi A8 V8 4.0 TFSI from 0-100km/h 0-60mph in 4,5 seconds, check out the Video!

Gallery: Audi A8 2010 VS Audi A8 2013 - what's new?

Hey Guys

When driving a Facelifted model, the Audi A8 2013, then why not driving to the closest Audi Dealer and take a Picture with a "current" model, the Audi A8 2010. And as it's more than appropriate I went to Audi Zentrum Neuss (Thanks again!) and shot these Pictures. They show the "then" and "now" soo good..

Test Drive: BMW i3 – sporty, efficient, fun

Hey Guys

Finally BMW is launching their first all-electric volume-production Car! They will start the delivery of the in Leipzig, Germany, built Car up from November. The first i3 will be handed over to german customers, then other countries and after those customers are happy customers and i3 owners some Cars will be added to the worldwide DriveNow Carsharing-fleets (Munich, San Francisco, …)

Last Friday I was able to jump behind the steering-wheel of a BMW i3 during the international press-launch in Amsterdam among other Journalists and Bloggers. You might have already seen my snapshots on Facebook or Instagram, or already the huge Galleries of the orange and silver ones my co-driver from and I shared.

But now let's go over to the important thing: the Car!

10 Tips for good visibility to avoid ‘sun-dazzle'

Hey Guys

Unfortunately we have to face it: Summer is over and with Autumn and Winter knocking on our doors the dark time of the year has just arrived.

The risk of dazzling sun is particularly high during October, as sunset occurs earlier and increasingly coincides with rush-hour traffic. The sun’s low position in the sky, combined with damper road surface conditions, poses a considerable problem for commuters and dirty, greasy or scratched windscreens reduce visibility and compound the problem, particularly during autumn.

BMW i3 Video Review

Hey Guys

A nice Review Video of the 2014 BMW i3 - enjoy it!

BMW i3 Harman Kardon hi-fi system Video

Hey Guys

Almost one year ago, after driving the Opel ADAM with the Infinity Sound System, I thought that I found the maximum of sound quality in the segment of small Cars. But then the BMW i3 came with its Harman Kardon system and yes, I was so blown away by its super super great sound quality and the ambiance it creates inside the Car!

So I made this little Video for you to experience the sound quality as well. The Harman Kardon hi-fi system features a 360-watt 7-channel amplifier (5 x 40 W, 2 x 80 W) in combination with 13 speakers and DSP technology. All the speakers are inside a high quality expanded metal grille and they are located: 2 tweeters in A-pillar panel, above.- 1x midrange on the instrument panel.- 1x tweeters in the dashboard.- 2 midrange in door trims, front.- 2 midrange in door panels, rear.- 2 tweeters in the door panels, rear.- 2 bass speakers A pillar, bottom.

The Harman Kardon System is not equipped in the base model and so you need to add 800, - € to your eq…

Gallery: BMW i3 Silver-Grey

Hey Guys

After Pictures of the orange BMW i3 that I've been able to drive on Friday here some (~60) Pictures of the silver BMW i3 with the grey interior.

The weather conditions were finally better - no rain, yay - and besides the Pictures next to this red thing in Alsmeer with the water in the background I really like the ones taken close to a canal in Amsterdam next to the E30 which is more or less a "predecessor" of the current i3. I hope I found the right perspectives to demonstrate you that the i3 is still a REAL BMW and both ones still kinda look-alike!

And besides both Cars I'm looking forward to you opinion about the new Design here with a better focus on Pictures, bigger Pictures! Feel free to share your Opinion below (you can even comment as "Anonymous"..)

Gallery: BMW i3 (Orange)

Hey Guys

As you've already seen on my Facebook and Instagram, today (it's already Saturday here but I'm talking about Friday..) I was able to Test Drive the brand-new electric car BMW i3. Here already some first Pictures, a Video and the Review will follow soon!

Enjoy the Pictures (have you seen the Interior .. the mix of fabrics and materials .. my eyes and hands love it!)

Gallery: Volkswagen cross up! (Red)

Hey Guys

Today I was able to test drive the new Volkswagen cross up! around Hanover. Stay tuned for my test drive review, it will be published soon! ;)

Skoda Muzeum in Mlada Boleslav


Hey Guys

The newly opened Skoda Muzeum in Mlada Boleslav tells the Story of Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement and how Skoda became such an successful Company.

"The Drivers" by The Sartorialist [Video]

Hey Guys
Not just during Fashion Week, also during Motor Shows there are nearly a thousand Drivers/Chauffeurs nearly constantly driving around, driving important or less important people from one spot to another and back. But is the Job of a Driver really that nice? Are there disadvantages, what are the advantages?

The Sartorialist, very well known in the Fashion Scene, made this Video during Milan Fashion Week (I guess) and uploaded it in July on YouTube. Don't miss this Piece of Art and Interview with some Professional Drivers. And no doubt, what happens in the Car stays in the Car! ;-)

Daydreaming with the Rolls-Royce Wraith at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Hey Guys

After posting just Pictures, for the second time, of the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever, the Rolls-Royce Wraith, I think it's time to tell you a little bit more about the Car and share with you my Daydreaming-Experience from the Frankfurt Motor Show.

I had my first closer look at the Rolls-Royce Wraith, after its debut at Geneva Motor Show in March, during Concorso d'Eleganza at Lake Como back in May. Right after the entrance there were some Rolls-Royce standing in the middle of green grass next to the Lake - If I'd be rich I would do the same: position a nice Car in my huge Garden, like a Sculpture, and look at it for hours to understand its Design language and soak up its positive energy. Of course I could place it also in my living room, but that's definitely too mainstream for a Car like the Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse „Jean Bugatti“

Hey Guys

Bugatti, for most of us just a dream we'll ever admire. Not just todays Veyron models are more than Luxury, also the most expensive Vintage Car in the World is a Bugatti, the maybe prettiest Automobile ever: the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. The father of this stunning Design was Jean Bugatti, third of four kids by Ettore Bugatti.

Audi Sport quattro concept at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Hey Guys

If you know Audi a little you know: Motor Sport is a huge thing for Audi. As well as Quattro plays a big role for the Ingolstadt based manufacturer since decades. To transfer the Audi Genes into the 21st Century they just unveiled the Audi Sport quattro concept at Frankfurt Motor Show.

Rolls-Royce brought a purple Wraith to Frankfurt Motor Show

Hey Guys

A purple Rolls-Royce Wraith .. wait, a purple .. Rolls-Royce?! Oooh yes!

We all know, money can't buy style and so I'm not a fan of this color on the new Rolls-Royce Wraith, currently exhibited at Frankfurt Motor Show until September 22.

Changan CS95 at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Hey Guys

For sure there are not just all the BIG car manufacturers at the Frankfurt Motor Show, there are also some more or less unknown - for us europeans - such as Changan. According to Wikipedia they produce around 300.000 Cars per Year. Have you ever heard about them?

LIVE: Suzuki i-V4 Concept (Frankfurt Motor Show 2013)

Hey Guys

Suzuki brought their ConceptCar iV-4 to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Suzuki iV-4 demonstrates the future of upcoming SUV models by the japanese manufacturer.

LIVE: Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe (Frankfurt Motor Show 2013)

Hey Guys

Here some first LIVE Pictures of the brand new Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe, presented just some minutes ago at the huge Mercedes-Benz Press Conference at Frankfurt Motor Show.

Available to buy up from 2014 the Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe will be more than just another model of the in 2013 launched S-Class Saloon. The S-Class Coupe is Mercedes' Vision of modern luxury paired with modern safety and, of course, an outstanding design.

BMW i3 at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Hey Guys

It seems like the BMW i3 invaded the Frankfurt Motor Show this Year. Outside and Between the Halls there are Shuttles for the Media today and tomorrow, among them are some nice BMW i3 in different colors - grey, brown, ... and inside I just attended the BMW Press Conference where they officially announced the BMW i3, 4-Series and unveiled the production-ready BMW i8.

The new BMW i3 electric-car is definitely an attention whore as it gets (almost) all the attention. Everyone sneaks around, opens a door, opens the hood, photographes everything etc.

So here some first Pictures for you taken of the BMW i3. In one month I'll be able to Test Drive the i3, so stay tuned for some better Pictures, Videos and a Test Drive Review on October 17. Till then, enjoy these first BMW i3 Pictures live from the Frankfurt Motor Show.

If you want to see it by yourself, the Motor Show is open to the Public from September 12 to 22.

How Thomas Ingenlath expresses the new Volvo Design Direction

Hey Guys

The work of Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Car Group, has been one of the best-kept secrets in the automotive industry for over a year. Until now.

“Volvo Cars was already transforming rapidly when I joined the company in 2012. My team and I have focused on creating a new interpretation of the design language. It will help taking this great brand in the desired direction,” said Ingenlath.

This is how Ingenlath expresses the new design direction for Volvo Cars.

My favourite Roadtrip-Songs

Hey Guys

The maybe most Important Thing during a Roadtrip is, besides a nice Co-Driver, THE RIGHT MUSIC!!

Here some of my favorite Songs right now I'd take on every Roadtrip :)

Lorde-Tennis CourtAvicii - Wake me upEverlast - White Trash BeautifulNirvana - Come as You AreC2C - Down the RoadDaft Punk ft. Pharell - Get LuckyFergie - A little Party never Killed NobodyJessie J - WildPlacebo - Too many FriendsMatchbox Twenty - PushPuddle of Mudd - ControlOf Monsters and Men - Mountain SoundNirvana - DumbKings of Leon - Moving to New YorkImagine Dragons - RadioactiveSnoop Lion feat. MileyCyrus - Ashtrays and HeartbreaksOne Republic - Counting StarsDavid Guetta - Play HardAmbition² - La BeautéMichael Jackson - Speed demon (nero mix)

Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition

Hey Guys

The Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition is the result of a collaboration between the italian fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna and the italian automaker Maserati with its model Quattroporte (fourdoor). The Limited Edition concept car will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show up from next week, the public Days are from September 12 to 22.

The special thing about the Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition is that it features a special effect paint finish that simulates the fluidity and purity of metal by using ultra-fine aluminium pigments, a gloss black primer amplifies the brilliance of the aluminium pigments and creates a sensation of depth. the platinium metal color effect finish is warmly nuanced to express the car's classic and sophisticated yet technically advanced character.

Final Video: CLA Project by Casey Neistat

Hey Guys

Here it is, finally, the final "CLA Project" Video by YouTube Filmmaker Casey Neistat. In three Videos Casey explained the Process from this first meeting with the Car, a Mercedes-Benz CLA, in New York, a Visit to Stuttgart and a Trip to Europe, some Making-Of and now finally the end result.

All the three Videos made me really thrilled to see the end result for the past months. But .. I'm rather disappointed than crazy in Love with the result. And as we can read in the comments of the Video on YouTube not everyone liked the Video either. I'd love to have more Casey inside, and everything a bit slower so my eyes and brain could realize the Video better as every scene passes by so quick.

Kia Niro at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Hey Guys

Kia will unveil their Kia Niro Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show up from next week until September 22. It's black, has large wheels, some fluo-Details and is another one of these "City-SUV" called Crossover.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series

Hey Guys

After publishing Information about the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series earlier, here now some Pictures about the Motorsport-CLA.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Sport

Hey Guys

Some Minutes ago I already posted the News about the Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Sport, here now the Picture Gallery.

Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Sport available from October 7

Hey Guys

The Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Sport has more than just a dynamic appearance, it's "engineered by AMG" and the new sporty model of the CLA is available to Order from October 7.

Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Hey Guys

Mercedes-Benz will unveil the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series Cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show next Week on September 10. With the CLA 45 AMG Mercedes-Benz wants to extend their commitment for customer Motorsport. The Racing Series CLA are intended for international racing series with an strong audience such as the German VLN (Long Distance Championship Nurburgring) or for national brand cups. Depending on each regulations the technical specifications will be different.

Ford Live at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Hey Guys

Besides the Frankfurt Motor Show starting next week there is also another big event - this week - for Ford. Alan Mulally, Ford Global CEO, will visit the IFA in Berlin (I already wrote about it) to announce a lot and also to unveil a new concept Car. (will it be the S-Max Concept Car or something else?!?!)

Can you remember the Ford Evos Concept they were showing at the previous Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2011?

For sure Ford talks also on Social Media about what's taking place .. make sure to follow #EntdeckeFord or just use the news down here - during IFA and especially during Frankfurt Motor Show from September 10 to 22.

Caravisio - future Design Camping by Knaus Tabbert

Hey Guys

Camping, that's something for older people and Dutch Inhabitants? But just for them? No! Thanks to "Caravisio", a Design and Technology Caravan Study by Knaus Tabbert Camping might be "in" pretty soon.

HOW TO: Connect your iPhone with the Mazda2

Hey Guys

First of all: I'd have never thought that it would be so easy to connect my Phone with the Mazda2 - I mean, did the "Connect the Phone with the Mazda2"-thing even invent the word "easy"?! Who knows..

Anyway, a short Description for you on how you connect your Phone/Smartphone/iPhone with the Mazda2 in order to listen to your own Music instead of listening to the Radio or even a CD (what was this again?)