Tuesday, February 26, 2013

At the Seegefrörne 2013 - Chevrolet Caprice NYPD Police Car

Hey Guys
Probably the coolest Car at this years Seegefrörne, a REAL NYPD Chevrolet Caprice Classic. Imported from NY's Bronx.

Hope you enjoy the Gallery ;)



  1. That is NOT a real NYPD car!
    Its not even a Police car.Its a Euro Version of a civil Caprice Classic.NYPD cars were blue and white.If the owner tells its a real one, he lies!
    Don't believe these stupid stories.That car was always in europe.

  2. Oh boy, this is the rarest of the ultra-rare, the German/Scandinavian Export model of the Chevy Caprice, sold thru the Opel Dealer Network, one of only 117 made, out of a US production run of almost 700.000 for the entire car line. 117! This is the lowest production volume for ANY Caprice model of any generation ever! The idiot responsible for turning this irreplacable rarity into such a stupid fake copcar should have his ass kicked for bastardizing an icon. And you can't get an NYPD clone any more wrong than he did, wrong color, wrong lightbar, wrong lettering in the wrong places - you should REMOVE this abomination from your site ASAP.

    1. I agree. How stupid owner has to be to turn this rare piece into such a fake... shame we have idiots like this here...

  3. Oh my goodness, there is so much wrong about that car! I hate those guys who rape rare export models for the purpose of building fake cop cars. Especially if they say the car is a real cop car. Even if you turn a civilian model into a perfect cop car clone it never will be a cop car because everything that makes a real cop car special is missing on these cars.

    Thanks god that these idiots did not started to turn the export Wagons into fake cop cars, they are nearly as rare as the sedans!


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