Sunday, February 24, 2013

At the Seegefrörne 2013 - Part 1

Hey Guys
Yesterday I've attended my first classic car event of the Year, as a tradition now, the Seegefrörne 2013. A classic car rallye all around the Lake of Constance - Germany, Switzerland, Austria and back to Germany.

I went to the Castle in Brochenzell, near Meckenbeuren (Germany), to join the Motorsportsclub Scuderia Humpis for the tricky task they prepared for the drivers. Each Driver had to drive one round and the second round had to be exact 5 seconds longer. Not easy without any clocks or Smartphones ...

The kinda sad thing was, already as last year - the Cars arrived just too early. Actually the Cars, 30 in total, were planned to arrive at 3pm - the first were already there more than 1 hour ago. But why can this happen, if its a Rallye? Yeah, this happens when there are no secret time controls between the check-points and they can drive as fast as they want.... Due to this I've missed the first three Cars driving :/

Up from now every Day 1 Post with Pictures of the pretty Cars will go online ... and the Video as soon as I've cutted it. So, stay tuned! ;-)



  1. Scheene Dinegr dabeei, die einem nicht täglich vor die Linse kommen - weiter so!


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