Friday, February 8, 2013

A life dedicated to the automobile - the new Carl Benz Comic

Hey Guys
Up from tomorrow a very special Comic will be presented at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany - the Comic about Carl Benz, inventor of the first Car.

The special edition is priced at 19.80 euros and available in four languages​​: English, German, French and Chinese. Online it can be ordered at As the year progresses the comic comes nationwide with another cover to the book shops.

On Saturday, February 9th 2013, from, 14 to 16 o `clock, the presentation of the Comic is held at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. A special Bertha Benz Tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum will be held at 14.30 clock. Tickets cost 4 euros, a sign at the event on-site.

Author of the Book, Martin Grünewald, describes it in the following movie like this: "Naturally, this book is about Cars - the world's first true car. It is about the brilliant founding idea behind the brand Mercedes, the people, their fate and the distress and worries taunting the Benz family. Mainly it tells of Carl Benz' persistence and will power".

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