Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Functions for the flinc Android-App

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The German Social Mobility Network flinc ( ) has just released an Android update. Many new features have been incorporated into the app, including the "instantnavi", the self-developed real-time navigation for mobile devices, and the integration of the average response time. So Android users finally have the lead:
The iOS users still have to wait for the two new available features.

instantnavi - Mobile navigation directly from the app

A year after the launch of the first version of Android that flinc-makers have overtaken the app completely. In addition to the new function for the driver, now requests can be active rider and thereby increase the chance of switching on, even the dashboard was revised, which now displays the activities of its own flinc contacts.
Completely new, the integration of the "instant navis" is. The flinc-house development is a free browser-navigation system that points the way to the riders. If a suitable rider found instantnavi starts with a few clicks to navigate to the location.

Display of the response time

Also useful is the indicator of the average response time. Thanks to the new features flinc users can now see at a glance how long the requested driver or passenger takes on average to reply. They have a useful tool at hand to assess the activity and responsiveness of their counterpart.
Especially for spontaneous trips to display the response time is invaluable - as can be estimated in advance, if the requested contact within a certain time responding.

The flinc Android app is now available for free download at the following link:

How does flinc work

flinc connects: The Social Mobility Network flinc shows friends from the network who will be when and where. Unlike car-sharing, which still function as bulletin boards, flinc provides real-time joint trips with friends, acquaintances and people who have the same path and the same goal - to flinc it says "search will take place."
flinc can read maps: flinc rides do not start on the P + R parking lot, but on the doorstep. The platform analyzes routes and drivers and passengers automatically brings together along the entire route. flinc works on smartphones (iOS, Android) and PC, is also integrated into the NAVIGON and the Bosch Navigation App for iPhone and iPad.
flincer go with friends: Through personal profiles with photo and license plates as well as the opportunity to network with other users and the driver or passenger to review after they travel each offers, flinc the additional security features of a trust network. On open or closed group pages of companies, associations and groups of friends to find, study, like-minded people.
flinc helps businesses and commuters: For companies that offer their employees safer, greener and cheaper want to come to work, flinc specialized solutions and packages: .


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