Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hey Guys

It's time to get serious!
There's just about one month over for my personal favorite Motor Show of the Year (IAA follows on 2), the Geneva Motor Show. Since Years I'm travelling every Spring to the South of Switzerland to see what the international automotive manufacturers have to offer. To be impressed by their Designs and Thoughts. But you know what? I can't name ANY Premiere of this Year as my "favorite" or the one I can't wait for.

It's not that I don't like Cars anymore (What, no, that's never possible. NEVER I said!), but a certain attraction is really missing. Don't you agree that everything is completely replacable? I mean, One invents something, the others copy it or make it better and in the end everyone has the same. And does the same. As I just read this Week by Automotive Designer J. Mays, "Design is similar all over the world more and more. Also, thanks to social media."

Indeed, Design is not completely everything that counts when launching a new Car. But something really Astonishing and Breathtaking isn't planned to be presented at Geneva (in my Opinion). But why?

In General, the whole Automotive Industry is stepping one one point since a few years now. Real innovations? Forget it! World Changing Concepts on Future Mobility? I think they never heard about it ...

Okay, I have to remind myself that it's not easy to move the whole petrol-powered-Car-System to an Electric-Whatever-One. Sure, it needs time. Or they invent something different. But this would take so much more time to launch.
The Markets in Asia, Russia and the US are booming for the European, mainly the German, Manufacturers. So the "real Premieres" will be held there - NAIAS in Detroit or Auto China in Beijing. That's where the money sits, that's where the Automotive Industrie scouts for new buying customers.

But nevertheless, NEW is there nothing!? The Wheel has still the same Proportions as hundreds of Years ago, an engine is still on board of every Car, etc etc - All I want IS A REVOLUTION. Design and Innovations are as unnecessary as a Marathon of 10 episodes of "Wetten Dass" with Markus Lanz (Little Insider for the German ones, or US Actors and Actresses) as they are not leaving at least a small footprint in our humans History.

So, why not creating something remarkable? A new "Volkswagen", a Car for every mankind. My Generation will be the first one in History caring more about Smartphones and Gadgets instead of own individual travel (=owing a Car). Why are there no Innovations in this Sector?

Questions over Questions. But I still can't wait for the Day of an automotive Revolution. And I hope on this Day my brain won't be completely controlled by Altzheimer and I can escape from my Retirement Home to travel to Geneva again to see it by myself. (Note: Dear Automotive Industry, you have about 70 Years until I'm 89. Would that be a suitable time for you to create something new? Can't wait for it!)



  1. finally press writes about it, new cars are too expensife!!

  2. New Cars look all the same, dont like them


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