Friday, February 8, 2013

Toyota and Lexus at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Hey Guys

Time is currently running so quickly, don't you think so? So why not starting to Talk about whats awaiting us during the Geneva Motor Show this March?

Just as in the previous Years I'm attending the Motor Show and try to bring you sone nice Pictures and Videos!

Let's start with the first one - Toyota.
Besides the "Europe Premiere" of the RAV4, they will unveil the FT-86 Open Concept which shows the Idea of an Open Version of the Sportscar GT-86, the emission-free urban two-seater i-ROAD and a Sedan, the Auris Touring Sports.

And now the second one: Lexus. With their Europe-Premiere, the Lexus IS 300h, a full hybrid, Toyota/Lexus are on the right to increase their Leadership compared to all the other manufacturers.
With the 2+2 Seater Concept LF-LC in Opal Blue plus Hybrid drive Lexus demonstrates their new Design language and a driver-oriented interior.

Above a first Picture of the Lexus Stand in Geneva - do you like? Who of you will go to Geneva?


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