Wednesday, March 13, 2013

24 Hours in a Life of a Driver .. Oliver Webb

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World Series by Renault posted a Photo Album of "24 Hours in a Life of a Driver" on their Facebook Page. The main character is Oliver Webb. He is a 22 year old british race car driver, driving for Fortec Motors in the Formel Renault 3.5 in 2013.

So, whats the glamorous life of a race car driver like? Waking up late with a few grid girls laying around him in bed, then driving to the circuit do do some rounds and later going to a bar to end the day befitting? No, this Rockstar-Driver Life is history, unfortunately, here more about how it nowadys really is:

Very tired after a bad night sleep! Ready to go!

Time to study some data before heading out onto track

All my gear is ready, time to change and get in the car

Pit stop practice now as it’s between wet and dry now


Car is being put into 'slick set up' for the dry track, mechanics working hard...

...while the engineers… no comment! ;)

Photo time! Cheeeeeese

Time for some healthy lunch and energy for a tough afternoon

Then even more food with the team!

Dry track, set up done, food in the belly… time to hit the track!

All done for the afternoon and now racing to the airport to catch out flight at 7.30pm

Flight caught… just!

Arrived in London for meetings in the morning, beautiful city!

Bed time... bit of data and video studying from the 2 days testing, then sleep! Up early for training and meetings!

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