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Audi plans 1-Litre-Car, either based on A1 or Q2 Coupe

Audi plans 1-Litre-Car, either based on A1 or Q2
Picture: AUTO BILD/Larson

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After VW unveiled their phenomenal production-ready XL1 at the Geneva Motor Show last week their Group Sister Audi now announces, according to the german Auto Bild, plans to build an One-Liter-Car as well.

Audis 1-Litre-Car will be a four-seater with a large trunk, unlike the XL1 that is just a two-seater (1+1). Thus to the higher comfort and the more space in conclusion the Aerodynamic drag will be much higher. Nevertheless, the one before the decimal point remains the clear consumption target. Yet patience is required because as the earliest in 2017 the one-liter Audi will hit the markets.

Two possible options are currently possible: In January, favored the development chief Wolfgang Dürheimer the A1 as the starting point. The one-liter Audi should be produced on the same tape, and then matched with light and new drive. He could thus combine the strengths A1 aerodynamics and space with an economical petrol hybrids. Possible alternative: the future SUV coupe Q2 (from 2015).
That would be higher and would have a greater side, but would also provide more space for the batteries.

Possible would be a 75-hp 1.4-liter TDI and the one-liter TFSI with a little over 80 hp. Which of the two three-cylinder plug-in hybrid technology ultimately makes the race is still open.
It is supplemented by a roughly 100-hp electric motor and a battery with 8.5 kWh. Both models make use of the technique of the kits from VW. The A1 would therefore be designed from the start as a five-door model, while the Q2 could drive up both as a two-and a four-door.

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Information-Source: Auto Bild

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