Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#FiestaSTBlockBuster with YOU + Ken Block and the new Ford Fiesta ST

Hey Guys

YOU think you can drive? Have you seen all the Videos of "Mr. Kings of Sideways" Ken Block and you still think you can drive "good" or even better than him? Ha!

What about a Challenge between Ken Block and.. you!?

All you have to do is to create a Vine (how does vine work) or send a Picture or write a Text that shows that YOU are the best candidate to show "Mr. King of Sideways" where his weaknesses are!

After finishing the first task all you need is to be over 18 years old and owner of a valid driving license. Now write an e-Mail to drifttraining@gq.de and cross your fingers.

The last Date for entries is March 17th, this Sunday, so hurry up!

Where will you meet?

Ken Block will travel to Budapest, Hungary, during the Weekend of March 23rd to 24th to shoot a new Video and the lucky winner will join him. Top prize of this Challenge is an exclusive driving experience with drifts, slides and kickstarts for you together with Ken for 23-24 March 2013 in Budapest plus travel and accommodation in a five star luxury hotel.

The most important thing .. the Car!

The Car is the new Fiesta ST. I already wrote about it here yesterday, but again some of the most important facts:
Performance and economy figures:
Power: 182PS @ 5700rpm
Torque: 240Nm from 1600 to 5000rpm
Top speed: 220km/h
0–100 km/h: 6.9 seconds
CO2: 138g/km

Engine key technologies
Ford’s 1.6-litre ecoBoost engine has been uniquely calibrated for power and responsiveness.
The all-aluminium design reduces weight, enabling better vehicle performance and handling.
The fiesta St engine combines direct injection and ford’s twin independent Variable cam timing (tiVct) technology with a sophisticated turbocharging application and a new forward-mounted intercooler design.

The new fiesta St’s full-electric power steering has been tuned for sharper responses and greater feedback.
A redesigned steering arm assists in delivering sharper reflexes.

The fiesta St chassis has been developed by Ford Team RS for better body control, cornering capability and steering precision, but with no loss of ride comfort.
It features new front knuckles with optimised camber and a new rear chassis and twistbeam calibration that reduces body roll, allowing springs to be tuned for better control on uneven surfaces.
Unique springs and dampers are introduced, while a lower centre of gravity results from ride height reduced by 15mm.

The new Fiesta ST’s braking system features larger vented front disks with 54mm piston calipers. disks make their rear debut on the current fiesta range.
A new tandem brake master cylinder boosts braking performance while contributing to driver feedback, and brake pads have been specially selected for fade resistance, performance and feel.

Enhanced torque Vectoring control (etVc) enables the new fiesta St to corner at high speed with even greater precision.
etVc builds on the torque Vectoring control (tVc) system that applies brake torque to the inside front wheel when cornering. tVc debuted on the new ford focus.
Additional software for the new fiesta ST also discreetly helps control vehicle yaw when cornering, further reducing understeer. etVc improves stability in corners with no impact on speed.

3-mode ESC
Electronic Stability control helps reduce loss of driver control, but drivers can choose to limit the system’s input and allow the car to be driven on the limit. the fiesta SteSc system has three modes:
ESC ON: Intervenes fully to help prevent loss of control
ESC WIDE SLIP mode: ESC intervenes later, allowing a degree of skidding for enthusiastic drivers
ESC OFF: No intervention from ESC (eTVC remains active)

Here the Video

Aaand ... are you in ? ;)


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