Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis' Popemobile - a white Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Pope Francis' Popemobile - a white Mercedes-Benz M-Class
Pope Francis' Popemobile - a white Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Hey Guys
Whoo, have you noticed it yet? (*Irony off ...*) Just a couple of minutes ago the white "Holy smoke" left the chimney in little Vatican City. Congratulations to Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergolino.

He's now not just the new head of this christ-thing, no, he also GOT A (almost brand new) MERC ! Whoo, what an Incentive straight from Stuttgart ... Drem-Job, huh? ;)

As I already wrote in December on my german Autoblog, when the former-but-still-alive Pope Benedict XVI gave his old clunker back in order to received his new one - a white and pimped bling-bling M-Class, customized of course! Unfortunately my favorite West Coast Customs weren't officially back these Days, so Mercedes-Benz organized the modifications.(*WCC is back on german TV sooon)

I don't know Pope Francis' reaction on his used Papamobile, but hey, its a Benzi, these Cars are never older than their drivers ;)

Some more Things about the used M-Class Popemobile:

It haven't been the first Car in the overall histroy that Mercedes-Benz was giving away a Car to the worlds smallest state. The first provieded Car was a Nürburg 460 Pullman Saloon to Pope Oius XI in 1930. For example in the 1960's Pope John XXIII received a 300d Landaulet in the guise of a Cabriolet with automatic transmission. Subsequently, Pope Paul VI first made use of a Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Landaulet, followed by a 300 SEL.

As you can see from this little historic-inside .. .not even God had a clue that people would go nuts for SUV and similar unneccessary Cars, otherwise he would have had one previously :)

Regardless Pope John Paul II was the first one really using a vehicle designated as a "Popemobile" - a modified G-Class - to the celebrations in St. Peter's Square.
From 2002, he mostly made use of the predecessor to the new Popemobile, which Benedict XVI has also used up until Dec 2012. After they reach the end of their working lives, the Popemobiles can be viewed as part of the collections on display at both the Vatican and the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Final Questions: If YOU would be Pope, what would be you Business Car?
>> Let me know and comment below!!

Mine would be probably a Twizy, so my frock could blow in the wind while drifting through my - then- own little country, year.

Pope Francis' Papamobil - a white Mercedes-Benz M-Class



  1. Ferrari F12 with the Vagina back haha xD

  2. Mercedez S Classe

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