Saturday, March 2, 2013

Roadtrippin' EFFICIENT to the Geneva Motor Show 2013 with Audi

Hey Guys
Wohooo, just a few Days, wait, no, I'm already counting in hours, so just a few hours left until I'll be on my way to the Geneva Motor Show, my favorite international motor show of the year!

But the Trip TO Geneva won't be chilly and relaxing, no - it's going to be a tough challenge. The "Audi Efficiency Road Trip" will be all about saving fuel, but still with an eye on the clock.
As everyone can drive a straight road this will be really really really challenging!

5 german Autoblogger plus one Journalist will hit the Autobahn on March 4th in Audi-Town, Ingolstadt, and drive to Switzerland. Right after the passing the border between Germany and the Land of Chocolate we will do a first stop to get some new Diesel - afterwards the tank flap will be sealed. Why? Simply because we won't be able to cheat (damn..) ;-)

Our Cars will be Glacier White Audi A3 with the 2.0 TDI Diesel with 150hp (110 kW), featuring a manual 6-speed transmission. And of course the MMI navigation system. Some Days ago I've already created a Account, so let's see if its easy to use .. for me :)

As we are 6 carlovers there are 3 Teams - 2 people per car. Team 1 will be Fabian et moi, Team 2 will be Christian and Enno and Team 3 Sebastian und Kai.

Up from Monday you can follow our updates and Posts on Twitter and Instagram with the Hashtag #AudiRT13.

Stay tuned! ;)

Q: What is your BEST Tip to save fuel? Let me know! :)


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