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Škoda 450 / Škoda Felicia

Skoda 450 and Skoda Felicia

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Who of you remembers the movies "Some like it hot" or "Ben Hur"? And who remembers in what year the famous Barbie was born? It was all in 1959. And what nice Skoda was built in this year, can you guess, ... a cute one ... got it? If not, I mean the Škoda 450 / Škoda Felicia. Never heard about it? Let's change that ;)

Originally the 450 was built from 1957 to 1959. It featured a 4 cylinder 1089 cm³ engine with 36,8 kW (50 PS). It's maximum speed was 128 km/h (80 mph). It was 4065 mm long, 1600 mm wide and 1380 mm high.

In 1959 Skoda gave it another name, Felicia, "the happy", Type 994. With this name the cabriolet drove globally into the hearts of women drivers and motorists.
The pleasing open two-seater with the charming shapes of the 1950s is one of the milestones in the history of the Czech brand. Today the Škoda Felicia belongs to the top classic cars with the winged arrow in its logo.
Besides the typical time the convertible body style is also popular because of a technical innovation: Just like the Octavia coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers had replaced the old design. This gives the models a much better drivability.

Two years later the Škoda Felicia Super (Typ 996) followed. It had a 1221 cm³ 40,4 kW (55 PS) engine and the top speed was at 130 km/h.
As an accessory, the Czech manufacturer offered a white plastic hardtop for the fall and winter months. The fixed roof is now a sought-vintage accessories for Felicia. At ŠKODA Kvasiny plant, where are now the current Škoda Superb and Yeti models rolling off the line, a total of 14 863 models of the popular convertibles were built until 1964.

Little note at the end: Did you know that Skoda Germany now finally has its own Twitter? Search for @skodade and follow them ;)

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