Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting to plan the Road Trip to Lake Como for Concorso d'EleganzaVilla d'Este 2013

Hey Guys
After so many Years of "Damn, I've totally missed it!" and "I have no time this year" now in 2013 I will finally make it to the legendary Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in Cernobbio at Lake Como, yay! \o/
It's held there from Friday May 24th to Sunday May 26th at the Villa d'Este and Villa Erba.

As I have the possibility to Test Drive the Suzuki Swift Sport at the End of May the Swiftie will be my Road Trip Car for this Trip, as I've already had good experience with it at the SDX this March.

To involve you more in my Roadtrip-Planning-Process ( I think such Posts 'help' you more than just reporting that I've driven a certain Car from A to B) here now my current To-Do List plus, of course, the Done List.

Still TO DO:

  • Book the Hotel (there are already a few on my list, but I have to decide on one)
  • Find out about the toll fees in Switzerland, Austria and Italy
  • Are there any other Events, so Roads could be closed?
  • Deciding how to navigate - integrated navi, smartphone, paper maps?
  • Deciding on the Route - just Motorways or Motorways plus passes and country roads?
  • Creating a time schedule for the weekend
  • Calculating how much money I'll need during the Trip (petrol, food, toll fees, Souvenirs etc.)
  • Convincing my BFF Saskia to do this Adventure with me

Already DONE: ✔

  • Daydreaming nonstop about the Trip
  • Choice of the Road Trip Car - Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Checkig the petrol costs through Gmaps for both ways (~ 100 €)

Is there anything I still need to do? Have I missed something? *scary face* Comment below and let me know! ;)



  1. Nice trip, I wish you all the best Lisa!

  2. may i can help you with your "toll fee problem" in austria. As much as i know there is something called "Korridorvignette". It allows you to go throug austria to switzerland and it is cheaper than a normal vignette.


  3. and another tip: if you want to be in "driving heaven" the best thing would be, to driver over the "Stelvio Pass". If you know "Top Gear", you know what I am talking about. This road would be fun with the Suzuki, I think.

    1. Thanks, I've already thought about driving to the Selvio Pass, but I'm not yet sure if the detour is too big as there are no real time bufffers planned .... In any case, it's a MUST for the next trip :)

    2. If you didn't have done this yet, this might be helpful:


      Another tip for the next trip:

      The "Transfăgărășan-Highwy" in Romania. It also appered on Top Gear. :-)


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